Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy Dreams

I've been having the craziest dreams lately.  When I wasn't pregnant, I feel like I had a fairly "normal" dream cycle (if there is such thing).  I'd have a memorable dream about once a week or so, give or take.  I would have the occasional "nightmare", but for the most part, they were just your standard "neutral" dreams...nothing too exciting.

But throughout this pregnancy (and previous pregnancies), I've had some crazy dreams.  And I seem to have them every night...for the entire night!  I may wake up (typically to pee), but then I dream again.  (I admit that I had two more dreams that may-or-may-not have included losing the baby, but feeling her move the next morning sufficiently puts those fears to rest.)

So as an example, last night's crazy dream involved two of our student workers, who apparently also worked at a bank (at least in the dream), where they each decided it would be a good idea to steal $5,000 out of the drawer, and then confide in me.  We were apparently in a small town, because we ended up all having a friendly lunch with the town sheriff...of course hiding the fact that they had just pocketed the money.  Then we walked around the downtown district, where I saw a former high school friend across the street.  Later, the sheriff came to my house (which I did not recognize as my current home or any other home in which I've lived) to investigate the missing money.  But instead of asking about our two student workers, he asked about the high school friend, and got me to admit that yes, she did party a little bit in college.  Apparently that was the evidence that he needed to pin the theft on her!  Meanwhile, at the house (which was apparently my parents', though I didn't recognize it), my parents were raising the roof by pulling the house really tight with ratchet straps so that they could put up bunk beds.  It somehow all made sense in the dream--in fact I somehow explained the physics behind it to a different friend from high school who stopped by (who, now that I think about it, has an engineering degree).  And then I somehow woke up.

I can't help but wonder what Freud would say about these dreams (or the one in which I was water skiing on dolphins with the Queen of England...no joke).  I typically don't try to "decipher" what they mean--rather, I just can't help but laugh at their absurdity.  I previously read that our dreams tend to get wackier and more vivid during pregnancy due to hormones (it seems as though they blame everything on hormones).  Are any other pregnant women out there experiencing these crazy dreams?  Or am I just crazy?

Today's blessing was finally feeling the slow and relaxing pace of summer.  Yes, I realize that summer officially started yesterday (at least on the academic schedule), but I had a busy day wrapping up the Spring semester.  It was a blessing today to get to work and realize that I only had one appointment scheduled for the entire day.  I easily found things to occupy the rest of my day, but it was really nice to not feel a sense of urgency as I tackled the tasks.  It was also amazing to recognize that I was pregnant for the entire semester!  When you work in education, your world revolves around the academic calendar, so this was a huge milestone for us.  Now I just need to make it through Summer and the start of Fall...


  1. When I was pregnant, I had crazy dreams too. But the WEIRDEST dreams were after I lost him and my hormones were OUT OF CONTROL. I had the most vivid dreams about breastfeeding twin girls. Traumatizing to say the least... My acupuncturist gave me some herbs, and that really helped...

  2. LOL crazy dreams are so the norm for me these days. You are definitely not the only one. I have full out "episodes" where a dream will last the entire night. They get crazier and crazier.

    Happy your semester is over and you get to relax a bit.


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