Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He's a Good Husband...

...but something tells me that he's going to be a great "Daddy". 

I just wanted to share a couple of the sweet things that my husband has done lately in preparation for our baby girl:
  • When I brought up the childbirth classes, not only was he more-than-willing to go, but he created a document that organized all of the various dates (highlighting our preferred and alternate dates), locations, costs, and additional notes. 
  • When I suggested that we start thinking about the nursery (and how to move his "man cave" into the office to make room for the guest room, so that we can make room for the nursery), he created a Visio document to map out all four rooms and where the various pieces of furniture can go.
  • After initially balking at the list of things that we "need to have", "should get", and "would be nice", he had an "ah-ha moment" and realized that it's perfectly fine to register for all of the above...and then fill in the gaps bit by bit.
  • He started a new IRA about a month ago to save money for our baby girl's future (and then freaked out just a little bit yesterday when he couldn't figure out what the charge was going towards).
  • He found a quarter on the ground yesterday and brought it home for me, thus indulging me in my quests to keep an eye out for pennies and other coins.
  • Being the (lovable and sexy) computer nerd that he is, he priced out night-vision cameras that he can install in the nursery that will be able to stream live video to the computer in our bedroom so that we can watch her on the TV screen.
  • He started the important conversations with his supervisor to lay the groundwork for a promotion (he's due for one anyway...but I was impressed with how he took the initiative to get things started).
  • He listens to my crazy pregnancy dreams every morning after morning after morning without thinking that I'm crazy.
  • Although he works 1-1/2 hours away from my doctor's office, he makes it a priority to attend my appointments with me (and has only missed two so far--one when he was out of town, and the other when there were two scheduled in the same week).
  • As a drummer, he softly plays little drumbeats on my belly and teaches her the name and significance of the beats...and yet he also suggested that perhaps it is time to sell his drum set to make room for her arrival (which breaks my heart and makes me so proud of his sacrifice, all at the same time).
He may never be the other-the-top romantic type, but yet he's so sweet and accommodating in his own unique way.  Like I said--he's a good husband to me...but something tells me he's going to be a great "Daddy" to our baby girl.  There is no one else with whom I would want to share this experience.

Aside from my husband, today's blessing is my brother, who is wise beyond his years and helped me through a difficult morning in dealing with family drama.  It's days like today that make me wish that I lived closer to home so that I could hang out with him (and the rest of my family, despite the drama) more often, but it's a blessing to know that he's only a phone call away...and he's always there for me.


  1. sound like you have an awesome husband and are enjoying your "just the two of you" time before your baby girl comes. =) [oh! and do send me your banana bread recipe! shirleykyap at gmail

  2. Isn't it amazing how God has created the man that is just perfect for us?? I am so happy you have such a loving hubby. I am truly blessed myself.

  3. Definitely sounds like he is going to be an amazing father(along with already being an amazing husband!) You are blessed indeed!

  4. Husbands really do soften up during pregnancy huh! So sweet.

  5. awwww so sweet! What a blessing we've been given - to have such great partners and future father to our children!

  6. does sound like he is going to be an amazing daddy becuase he already is an amazing husband!


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