Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Stomach is My Ribcage?

Just a quick and funny little story to share today...

I had some errands to run today after work, so I didn't get to my afternoon snacks like I usually do.  Soon enough, I got hungry...really hungry!  And like so many of our bodies, I felt and heard my stomach starting to growl.  But then I realized that the sound and rumbling were coming from directly below my ribcage!  Apparently my stomach isn't where it used to be!  Physiologically, I knew that this was bound to happen.  I could comprehend that my uterus was slowly but surely pushing things upwards, but it still made me laugh a bit when I actually experienced the sound and sensation so far away than where it was just months ago.

Yesterday's blessing was the confidence of my husband to bring home a hand-me-down breast pump from his one and only female colleague.  I know that he was totally out of his comfort zone, but I totally appreciate that he was man enough to bring it home for me.  I do feel a little weird about using someone else's breast pump, but I'll be sure to sterilize everything...and it's a huge savings for us!


  1. Don't feel weird about the used breast pump! Many of the pieces are easily replaced and it's such a great way to save money! Good for your hubby - STUD :)

  2. LOL crazy isn't it???

    I am all about the hand me downs!! The breast pump was SO expensive and saving on that purchase is awesome!!

  3. That story is so funny! Yay to savings!!

  4. Ha ha, that rumbling when you're hungry is actually your intestines and they are definitely now up in your rib cage! Crazy, huh? I know exactly what you're talking about and I thought it was so weird too!

    When I went to the birthing class I had been wondering what my insides looked like and where everything had moved to. One of the first things they showed was a before and after drawing of where your organs were and it was so crazy! It is so amazing that that can happen to your insides and everything still works! But it certainly explains the many discomforts. Soon everything will go back to where it belongs!


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