Friday, July 23, 2010

Bye-Bye Pre-Pregnancy Pants

Back in April (wow...that seems so long ago now!) I shared how I was slowly but surely replacing my normal wardrobe with the bigger sizes that I had been wearing prior to meeting with the RE and reworking my diet and exercise regimen.  Immediately before getting pregnant, I was typically wearing a size six...prior to that, I had been a size twelve.  It was really cool to see the "big" pile shrink and the "small" pile grow as my belly started to expand.

Well...I think I'm pretty much out of "big" pants that fit well.  I tried to get by with the good ol' rubber-band trick yesterday, but found that I had to constantly pull down my shirt to cover up (if anyone noticed a half-open fly and bright blue rubber-band, they were kind enough to not mention anything).  And I gave up on the belly-bands in May when I was sick and feeling really "restricted".  I think I have one remaining pair of wide-leg (and apparently wide-hip) slacks that I can still fit into comfortably, and I can actually still rock my size twelve jeans if I roll the waist down to make room for our Baby Girl, but I think it's time to put away the rest of my pre-pregnancy pants.  This makes the frugal side of me a little disappointed...but ultimately, I absolutely love admiring my growing belly and am more than happy to sacrifice my wardrobe to make room for her! 

So now, I have two two piles of unwearable pants in my closet...and just a handful of day-to-day pants hanging up that still fit.  It's enough to get through a week of work...but it doesn't allow for much variety (although I do have plenty of tops from to choose).  I'm taking a long weekend next weekend to head home (more on that later), so I'm hoping to get some shopping in as well to get at least one or two more pairs of pants that will get me through September.  And then I hope that I can get back into the "small" pile by the time I head back to work in January (if not...I'm perfectly happy dipping into the "big" pile).

Today's blessing--and really, a blessing all week--has been waking up early (my husband has had to go in earlier than usual this week) and being able to just lie in bed and feel the most amazing kicks from our Baby Girl!  All the websites that I read for "30 weeks pregnant" say that we should be able to feel ten kicks per hour.  Well, she's been giving me much more than that in our early time together, and it's phenomenal.  I'm amazed at God's goodness and just how immensely He has blessed me with this pregnancy!


  1. You made it pretty far with regular pants, thats awesome. Yay to lots of kicks!

  2. Wow 30 weeks without having to get maternity pants!! Now that's impressive.

    I used to love those early morning hours with baby girl. Now I love them even more!! I am so so so happy for you!!

  3. That is so great! I actually cleaned out my closet last weekend, and although I can get my size 6's on...I can't button them...but my 12's do fit great, actually a little loose on the legs, etc...but same thing...I need to fold them down...I still fit into the size s/m maternity pants that I bought at the beginning though! :)

    I feel the same way, we are so happy to be this far along!

  4. I am amazed! I was in maternity pants around the start of my 2nd trimester. You are doing great, lady! I certainly found that by the last few weeks my wardrobe was down to just a few outfits, and its hard to justify buying anything new at that point. Have fun with the shopping!

  5. Yay for kicks!!! I'm still waiting for those movements that I can be sure are the baby.

    I'm so impressed you made it so far with regular clothes. But I admit, I have been sad at all to grow out of my pants and shirts, I am looking forward to that "looking pregnant" look.


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