Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well That Was Easy!

After 12 hours in the car today, I'm pleased to say that we made it home, safe and sound.  Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is?  He drove all but one hour.  I offered to drive every time we stopped, but he just kept on chugging along.

The long hours in the car gave us plenty of time to chat and reflect on our time with his family.  We ended up talking about the dinner conversation that we had with his mom on our last night at the cabin.  Over dinner with his mom and oldest sister, I sheepishly brought up our wishes and desires for when it comes to visits from our parents (soon-to-be-grandparents).  My husband and I had previously decided that we want it to just be the two of us in the room when our Baby Girl is ready to join us (and the nurses and doctors, of course).  It's nothing against either set of parents/grandparents--we just want it to be the two of us.  Once she arrives, I kind of want my own mom to be here to help out.  So her plan is to jump in the car or on a plane as soon as she gets the call from us--and then my dad would join her when he can (depending on the day of the week and his Sunday services). 

Sounds pretty normal...right?  The problem is that we only have one guest room in our house, so that would mean that my husband's parents would have to wait a couple of weeks to visit.  Hence, my apprehension in asking his mom to postpone her travels (not that she has made any arrangements yet--just that she might need to put them off a couple of weeks when she does start planning).  To my delighted surprise, she was in total agreement.  She recognized the significance in having the time to ourselves, and then was completely understanding about how comforting it would be to have my mom here.  After that, she even went so far as to say that we might want t a week or two to ourselves before she came down for a visit.  I couldn't have asked for it to go any better than that!  I guess that I should keep in mind that she's already been through the welcome-the-new-grandchild experience five times already with her daughters--but it still left me thinking "well that was easy!".

So that's the plan.  When the time is right, my husband and I will head to the hospital and call my mom on the way.  My mom will head down, followed by my dad, and they'll stay for a week or so.  When they leave, we'll take some time for ourselves, and that my husband's mom (and possibly his dad) will come down for a week or so after that.  Of course, anything can change between now and then, but it feels good to have had that conversation.

Today's blessing is finally being home in my own bed!  After 2,400 some-odd miles, it's so nice to be back home.  All in all, it was a great vacation.  And now back to work bright and early tomorrow morning!


  1. Happy you had a great vacation! Your MIL seems great! Minus the fact that my mom is local and will be here for the actual delivery, we have the same plans in place. Hubby's parents will not come down until about 2 weeks after baby girl arrives.

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound. I do not blame you, I'd want my mom there as well!!


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