Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Off

Fatigue is a good sign, right? I've been starting to get really tired lately, so I opted to take the day off. I work in Education, and while the end of the year can be busy (we have Commencement on Friday), today seemed to be a good day to stay home and get caught up on rest. I've noticed this with the last two pregnancies as well, but I never seem able to sleep in when I'm pregnant. Perhaps it's the getting up early to pee, but I'm never able to fall back to sleep afterwards. So I got up and picked up trash along the side of the road before the temperature hit triple-digits. Sometimes I try to convince myself that it's possible that the desert winds innocently blew the items out of our neighbors' trash bins, but that would be quite the journey for some of these items. I found a cap to a HPT today. Trust me, I know what those things look like (and I had found the box in the same area last time I picked up trash).

It's dirty work, but someone's got to do it. I just want this world that God created to be a beautiful place for my children, so it's the least I can do. After two miles of trash duty (can that count as my cardio for the day?), I was ready for a nap. That was exactly the type of rest that I needed! And now I just get to be lazy and relax until "Taco Tuesday" tonight (my husband insists on tacos every Tuesday, and I indulge his request--but you should see him try to come up with a meal option for Wednesdays). Perhaps I'll clean up a bit as well.

My blessing for today is having a job and a supervisor that allow me to take a day off, just because. Call it a "Mental Health Day" or "Preventative Maintenance", but days like this are so appreciated.

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