Monday, May 11, 2009

One Week Wait

Okay, so I know that in the world of TTC, we tend to talk about the "Two Week Wait". But here I am, anticipating a "One Week Wait"--one week until our first ultrasound. Actually, the ultrasound was scheduled for tomorrow, but my husband is in a class this week that he can't skip, so we pushed the appointment back to next week--Monday, May 18th. This will actually be the first ultrasound that he is able to view with me. During the first pregnancy, when I just "assumed" that everything would be a textbook pregnancy, I had two ultrasounds. The first was scheduled really early (around 5 weeks, I assume), so we only saw the sac. With the second, I calculated that I was around 8 weeks, but the technician said that the baby was measuring around 6 weeks with a really low heartbeat (in the 60s). I guess I probably should have known at that point...

So I feel like I need my husband to be there from now on. I pray that we will have the joy of viewing a healthy 8 week baby with a strong heartbeat. But if God has other plans for this child, then I need him to be there so that we can support each other through the pain. Please pray for us as we patiently anticipate viewing this child for the first time next Monday.

As for today's blessing, I'm totally thankful for whoever picked up the busted couch on the side of the road to our house! Our community is about a mile off the main road, and people tend to litter profusely. Since I'm taking tomorrow off, I was planning on picking up the beer bottles and cigarette butts, but didn't know what I would do about the couch. So whoever picked it up and discarded it was a huge blessing for our entire community!

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