Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Anonymous

After a recent post, I had someone anonymously post a comment to let me know that they follow my blog from time to time and enjoy my ramblings (at least they enjoyed the ramblings from that day). I don't know who they are, where they live, or if they have ever experienced Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. But I was touched at their comments. So to that anonymous reader and commenter, and any other anonymous readers--Thank You!

I was once an anonymous reader and commenter. It was after Loss #2, and I was starting to feel like I didn't know of anyone else in my circle of friends who had more than one loss. I happened to find a blog when I was googling, hoping to find some sort of answers for my unending list of questions. What I found, instead, was comfort and inspiration, knowing that there are other women out there like me.

Prior to discovering the world of blogging, I never thought that anyone would want to read my thoughts. My brother is the writer of the family--complete with a degree from Yale and a novel in the works. So why would anyone be interested in hearing me go on and on and on about the struggles to carry a baby to full term? But apparently this pain can lead to camaraderie; and from there...hope.

There may not be a lot of followers (and I admit that I have a tinge of "follower envy" at times), but they are genuine. I appreciate the honesty and vulnerability (and occasional humor) that they share, and the care and concern that I receive. So to my four amazing (visible) followers--Thank You too!

Today's blessing was a day off. I can't believe that school starts in just over two weeks now! My summer is definitely coming to a close. So days like today are "preventative maintenance", since I know that my schedule will only get fuller as the days tick away. It's such a blessing to relax and veg...but perhaps I'll also use the opportunity to get a work out in.


  1. I hope you know that I am a "follower" and always available for your ramblings even in person! =) We should do lunch soon to catch up since I feel like I have not seen you or gotten to talk to you in a few weeks.

  2. I think I am the one you are talking about and I just stopped in again to "catch up". :) Your welcome...and yes, I have had multiple losses. They are painful. But, I too am blessed. :) Your writing is beautiful and I will keep checking back in on you. Praying for you and your family.
    Blessings to all.


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