Monday, March 8, 2010

That's Still a B!

We all know that the internet is full of all types of statistics.  Sometimes I fit the category, sometimes I don't.  I recently found an article ('s only an abstract) about the chances of a successful pregnancy after hearing a heartbeat and after surviving Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL).  The article (well, the abstract) explains that in a study of 300 women a history of RPL and 300 women with no history of RPL, that those with a history of RPL have an 82% chance of a healthy pregnancy after a heartbeat is detected, and those with no history of RPL have a 98% change of a healthy pregnancy after a heartbeat is detected.

Sure, if I could choose, I would definitely prefer to be in the 98% category.  But I recognize that I don't have a choice.

When I saw those numbers, I admit that I was fairly impressed.  When I shared these numbers with my extremely-caring friend, she promptly exclaimed "That's still a B!".  Sure, if I could choose, I would prefer to have an "A", but she's right.  There were so many times throughout my educational pursuits that I was stoked to get a "B".  And I think I felt the same when when I read that report.  Really, there's nothing wrong with a "B".  I can be happy with a "B".

And besides..."B" is for "baby".

Today's blessing was a really kind phlebotomist when I went in to get my new bloodwork done for the OB.  She shared that she had three losses, and now has three grown children.  In addition to the work that she does in the lab, she's also a double-major at my school in science-related fields so that she can pursue her passion for education and research.  She was so kind and understanding, and I'm blessed that God keeps bringing amazing people into my life in the most simple ways who offer me encouragement and hope on this journey.


  1. I'll take a B too! :)

    Please don't feel bad about the comment - I completely didn't think anything of it - instead, it allowed me to 'pray in colour' :)

    I prayed for anything around 1100 and God blessed me with more!

  2. That's a "cup half full" moment! Way to go Laura!

  3. I knew we had a lot in common!!!!! Happy Anniversary to you too lady!


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