Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two Shall Become One

My husband and I celebrate our three-year anniversary today. In my card, I reflected on how our first year was full of adventure, our second year was marked by pain, the third year involved a ton of growth, and I pray that this fourth year is filled with joy.

As we celebrate, I am reminded of the words "the two shall become one", and I'm touched by the concept of two seperate individuals coming together to create one unique new being. If you think about it (and I know we all do), a baby is quite literally "two becoming one". This baby growing inside of me is a combination of both my husband and me, and is deeply loved by us both.

Today I'm blessed by this amazing man who stood up with me in front of our family and friends three years ago and pledged to be my husband. These three years have been filled with plenty of ups and downs, and yet his love for me has remained consistent--and has perhaps even grown. I love him so much, and I pray that God bless him with the title of "Daddy", in addition to "Husband".


  1. Happy Anniversary! Congrats, and here's to a great year for you guys. :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys! Hoping all your wishes for this upcoming year come true!

  3. Happy Anniversary - what a great post and reflection on the first few years of marriage. yay for 2010 baby! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! You are truly blessed to have each other :)


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