Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Day of Conflicting Emotions

I shared just a few days ago that I was experiencing my own personal high, while the friend of a friend was going through a potentially-concerning low.  I don't have much of an update on Caitlin, the friend of my very-dear friend, but I have heard that her Progesterone levels continue to stay high.  Please continue to pray for Caitlin and James and their baby.

Today was another day with a high and a low--not so much for me, personally, but rather for two women who are important to me.  I knew that both women were going in for ultrasounds today, and I prayed continuously for both of them throughout the morning.  I read their blog posts today within minutes of each other, resulting in another day of conflicting emotions.  While one woman left her appointment with tears of joy, the other woman is now experiencing deep sorrow.

The tears of joy are for Wendy.  I was so so so happy to read that her baby is measuring exactly at 7 weeks with a beautiful heartbeat.  Like me, Wendy has survived three previous losses.  Her faith and positive outlook are so inspiring to me, and I pray that we both continue to experience the joys of our "fourth chance" pregnancies.  Please join me in praising God for Wendy's beautiful baby.

On the other hand, my heart breaks for my friend and former colleague who learned that she lost her baby today.  This woman--a kindergarten teacher--is one of the most vivacious people I have ever met.  She has an amazing love for life, and cares so genuinely and deeply for everyone around her--including our four-legged friends.  Her husband is equally great, and I was able to witness them fall deeply in love while I worked with her years ago.  Please pray for Katie and Jason--I know that they are in pain and I pray that they are able to feel God's comforting hand as they journey through this valley.

As for me, my blessing today was the chance to chat with my grandparents.  I've shared a couple of times that my grandma is simply an amazing woman.  My grandpa (or "Boppy") is a pretty cool guy as well, and my appreciation for him has really grown in recent years.  My grandma shared with me that I'm the first person that she prays for every night.  I can't wait to visit them at Christmas--and I pray that I have a three-month old great-grandchild to share with them as well.


  1. I feel like what we have experienced can be beneficial to those who are going through these experiences now. I know that my own feelings that I have shared with others have given them peace about what they were dealing with. My husband actually says "Maybe that is why this has happened, so we can help others". I am so sorry for your friend, and she will be in my prayers. And I am happy also for Wendy for her great news!

  2. I'm crying at my desk over here Laura - thank you for this beautiful post. I am crying because we both have been through so much and have trusted God to carry us through the high's and the low's and we are finally getting to experience a little joy with every successful appointment. What hurts is that there are still ladies out there experiencing pain and loss and there isn't anything we can do except offer our shoulder and a prayer. It is so hard to be joyful and feel empathy at the same time but you are a great friend and have managed to do both with grace. ((hugs)) and thinking of your friends Katie and Jason.

  3. Laura, you and Doug and baby reman in my prayers, and even when we don't get to talk for awhile know that I'm keeping track of you! Thanks for updating with such openness and vulnerability so that you can help others....

    Love you!


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