Sunday, March 28, 2010

"You Look Like a Toothpick who Swallowed a Walnut"

Perhaps it's because I stopped doing the crunches the day I found out that I was pregnant...but I do believe I'm starting to develop a belly.  And other people are starting to notice as well...

When they were visiting, my mother-in-law proclaimed "You look like a toothpick who swallowed a walnut".  I had just thrown on my leggings after a long day at work, and apparently my shirt was more fitted than I had realized across the abdominal region.  My very-dear friend's husband also asked if I had a "baby bump", and then excitedly turned to his wife (the very-dear friend who happens to be two weeks behind us) and asked when she was going to get a bump. 

And then most recently, my supervisor (who knows about our pregnancy) mentioned that our big-boss lady (who does not yet know about our pregnancy) asked her if I had a baby bump.  Apparently the big-boss lady stuck her back back into my supervisor's office later that day and again repeated that she thinks I have a bump (and then crossed her fingers in hope).  My plan is to tell the big-boss lady later this week after our appointment on Wednesday, assuming that everything is continuing to go well. 

After that conversation with my supervisor, I tried to be just a little bit more selective with my wardrobe.  Luckily, I own a quite a few "flowy" types of tops.  On Friday, I wore a great baby-doll shirt...but I found that I kept trying to flatten out the front of the shirt...only to realize that it's actually belly underneath that is causing it to poof out a bit.  The same thing happened Friday evening when my husband and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  I threw on a hoodie, and kept trying to smooth out the front, pleasantly surprising myself each time when I remembered that there is a legitimate belly growing underneath.

I have to admit--I like my belly.  It makes me feel really good to know that it is growing to make room for our child.  I realize that to many others out there, I may just look fat.  We went to a Cubs Spring Training while the in-laws were here, and upon returning from a trip to the restroom, I whispered to my husband that everyone probably just thinks I look a little fat around the middle instead of pregnant at this point.  I'm okay with that--I know the truth.  I'm not quite ready to take and post pictures yet, and I don't believe that we'll be taking them on a weekly basis (for me, I think that's a luxury that I lost somewhere in the difference between fourth and first).  But it brings me so much joy to rub it and admire it in the mirror and to know that it's "home" to my baby.

Today's blessing is the chance to have a relaxing-and-yet-productive day with my husband.  He leaves for two weeks on the East Coast early tomorrow morning, so I want to get my fill of him before he leaves.  I would definitely prefer to have him here with me, but I know that he enjoys these opportunities to travel.  And I also recognize that it's been a huge blessing to have him home for so long.  His last trip was back in October, so I guess that we're "due" for a trip.  The second week is always harder than the first--especially since he'll be gone for Easter this year.  But we'll get through it.


  1. Yes!!!! I have a bump as well!! It is SO exciting!!! This is my first EVER!

  2. LOL, toothpick that swallowed a walnut. That is funny! How fun that you are starting to show!!

  3. I think getting my baby bump was one of the most exciting parts of this pregnancy. I have a very petite frame so I was showing by 9-10 weeks and doing my best to hide it, as we didn't tell even tell family until I was 12 weeks. Soon those clothes you think are great for hiding it will not even!!! Yay baby bump!! Even if you don't take weekly pics I hope you do take some here and there to share with us!

  4. Baby bumps are such a beautiful thing! Soon you will be able to share it with the whole world and let them know the miracle growing inside of you!

  5. awwww so happy that a lil' bump is forming! My general waistline has just grown from all the bloating so I'm very self conscious of my mid section right now too! (at least you were still called a toothpick!! :)

  6. I'll be so excited to see your pictures once you are ready.

    I love my belly, too! I can't believe there's a kid in there and I'm so happy every time I look down to see it.


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