Thursday, August 5, 2010

As Promised

My husband was more than happy to play around with his new camera and try out some pictures of the cradle and the quilts, so here they are:

For now, we just have the cradle at the foot of the bed, but we'll rearrange things a bit so that she is up closer to my side of the bed.  In the background, you can barely see the original quilt that my grandma made from the various dresses that she made for me in my childhood.  And speaking of quilts, here they are:

My grandma knows me so well, and recognizes that I'm such a blue girl.  I think I mentioned that the backing of the baby quilt is the same as the backing on my flower basket quilt (the one in the background of the first picture).  The other quilt is flannel and has mostly yellow, which will match beautifully with the nursery (which we hope to work on a little bit more this weekend).  I absolutely love them--both the quilts, and the cradle (not to mention the other quilts and blankets that we got).  It's so special to know that we'll be able to share some significant family heirlooms with our Baby Girl when she arrives.

Today's blessing was a beautiful drive home, with huge gray clouds on the horizon that look like they might bring us some rain.  We've had considerably less rain this monsoon season, but we need it so bad, so I'm hopeful that we'll get a good downpour tonight.


  1. So pretty! The cradle is so nice!!

  2. What a beautiful cradle and quilts!

  3. Oh my goodness, Laura, the cradle slats almost perfectly match your headboard! Mom

  4. Beautiful!! Looks like the dark wood of the cradle matches your bedroom furniture!


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