Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perhaps She Takes After Her Daddy...

I admit that I was a bit nervous for most of the day today.

I've read all of the information about how by 33 weeks, babies begin to run out of space, so their movements become less noticeable.  My mind knew this, but my heart was still fearful.  I felt her moving around "enough" this morning, but it was less than I've experienced in the last few weeks.  This afternoon, I felt her even less.  I poked and wiggled my belly a bit, and got a bit of a response from her.  But I admit that the thought of running to the hospital for verification that everything was okay definitely crossed my mind.  In the end, I decided that if I were to be there, I'd want my husband with me.  So I opted to drive home, lay down on the couch for a bit, and see what she would do.

Sure enough, that's all it took.  I immediately got the type of kicks and punches and wiggles that I was missing all day, and I praised God!  I felt her on and off throughout the rest of the early evening, and each little movement melted my heart and eased my earlier fears.

Now that it's late into the evening...she's going crazy!  I brought my work laptop home to respond to some emails (it's that time of the year when things really pick up), and she's been giving me quite a show all night!  Which makes me think that perhaps she takes after her Daddy in terms of her morning/evening preferences.  I'm definitely the "morning person" in our relationship--once I'm up, I'm totally awake.  I do my best work in the morning, and admit that I'm a little sluggish in the afternoon.  By the time I get home, I just want to relax.  My husband, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to get out of bed.  He's been known to run out of "snooze" options on his alarm on his phone, and he definitely enjoys his coffee in the morning.  But when I'm typically crawling into bed, he's just getting started with his evening!  With the way my belly is currently rolling at this "late" hour (well, late for me), I'm thinking that perhaps he'll be more effective at entertaining her in the evenings.  I know that we'll both have to adjust--but I'll just need to keep these patterns in mind for the next few weeks so that I can hopefully keep the fears in check.

Today's blessing (well, aside from feeling our Baby Girls kicks after worrying most of the day) was noticing that the stroller/travel system had been delivered!  I'm very excited to put it together, and I'm even more excited to be able to use it in a couple of weeks.  There are still plenty of items that we need to get before she arrives, but we figure that we've got time.


  1. Glad she's kicking away. Ohh, how exciting to get the stroller!!

  2. I remember struggling with the same issue around 35 weeks. I actually whipped out my doppler a few times those last couple of weeks. Glad she is moving around!!


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