Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a Trooper!

We had our breastfeeding class last night.  When I registered for the various classes about a month ago or so, I noticed that all of the costs were listed "per couple".  So I specifically asked if husbands were expected to go to the breastfeeding class as well, assuming that the coordinator would say that the men were off the hook.  But to my surprise, she quickly responded that they do in fact encourage the husbands to attend.

Perhaps the other women didn't ask about the men...because my poor husband was the only one there.  As we were signing in and realizing that he would be the only dad there, I sincerely offered him the chance to leave, no guilt trip attached.  But to my delight, he stayed!  The instructor tried to include him as much as possible--sharing suggestions about skin-to-skin contact, reminding him to remind me to keep my shoulders relaxed, etc.--but the class was clearly designed for a female audience. 

What a trooper!  I admit that he did send some text messages about boobs back and forth with one of his friends towards the end, so I guess he's not "perfect".  But he still earned plenty of bonus points in my eyes!  Not to mention that he spent the last few days painting the nursery and has been so helpful with other projects to get the room ready (pictures will come--I promise!).  I truly do appreciate him, and I'm so glad that he's been so active in this pregnancy with me.

Today's blessing was getting through one of our more stressful days of the summer without too much stress.  Classes start in just over a week, so the pace is definitely picking up!  I just pray that God continue to keep my energy levels up, and keep me stress levels down.


  1. Oh, Jason would love that class! He is a huge proponent of breastfeeding and loves to know about stuff like that! LOL. Can't wait 'til we do a BF class!

  2. Too funny! I'm glad he stayed. How great to have the support!

  3. hahaha good for him! I think it's great that he stayed because he will understand the whole process - hopefully you will have no issues with it but if it comes up - at least he will know the frustrations and understand why it may /may not be working and offer suggestions and support! Texting afterwards re: boobs - men! haha

  4. Thats great that he went to the class! I found BF to be an incredible experience, and it really helped that my hubby had attended the class with me and understood a lot of the details/challenges/etc.

    Men and boobs - a relationship I will never understand. :)

  5. My breastfeeding class was ALL couples! I bet my husband would have left if he was the only one. But having him there really helped. He understood what was going on better and he brings me water whenever I'm feeding W.
    Good job husband!!


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