Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a Difference a Dress Makes

I don't wear dresses that often.  Yes, I bought a new one for the Baby Shower (and I admit that I wore the same dress to both showers), and I bought one for the "All Class Prom" that was hosted as part of the centennial reunion festivities in my husband's hometown earlier in the summer.  But aside from those two maternity dresses, I think that the last dress that I bought was for my wedding rehearsal.

But last week, I hosted an event for my freshmen leadership group in which we asked them all to attend in "Business Professional" attire.  I wasn't about to go out and buy a suit for the last month of my pregnancy, so I figured I would have to make one of the two suits hanging in my closet work.  I knew that the gray pencil skirt wouldn't fit, so I didn't even try that one on.  But I have a blue pant suit that I bought last summer before I lost all the weight...so I thought that perhaps I would be able to make that work.  I even ironed the pants on Sunday night along with all of my husband's shirts for the week.  Perhaps I should have tried the pants on first before ironing them...because they definitely did not fit.  So, I was left with only one option:  to wear the little black dress that I had worn for the "All Class Prom" with the gray suit jacket over it. 

Since the event was in the evening, and I knew I wouldn't want to wear the suit coat the whole day, I opted for a light 3/4-length sweater during the day, and just brought the jacket in with me.  But like I said--I don't wear dresses that often...and apparently the shape of my belly looks totally different in a dress because I got so many comments!  Even our big-boss lady (the one who doesn't have the tightest filter on her mouth) told me that I should wear dresses more often because I have great legs!  Not a bad thing to hear when 36-weeks pregnant!

So I figured it was time to post another picture (and it gave my wonderful husband the chance to play around with his new camera):
I now realize that I don't have any pictures of me in my dress from the shower...perhaps one of my friends got a shot of me.  If so, I'll post those as well.

Today's blessing was the chance to go for a walk with my husband after dinner.  I really enjoy our evening walks, and I know that they are good for me, but I was just so busy last week that we didn't get the opportunity all week!  So it was really nice to have that quality time with him.  It's amazing to think that in a month or so, we'll be pushing a stroller!


  1. I love the dress and you look great too!

  2. You look gorgeous! Why is your head cut off? lol :)You are SO close Laura - can you believe it's September already? Glad you got to enjoy a lovely walk with your hubby - we have to get back to that it's just been too dang hot around here!

  3. You look great!! 36 weeks... it's going to start getting exciting!

  4. Wow! You look great!

    Have you heard anything more from Janet? The last I heard was that the baby was born, but nothing since then.

  5. Love the belly!! It's crazy but I so totally miss mine!! I NEVER wore dresses or skirts, but when I was pregnant I lived in them 24/7. Only 4 more weeeeeks!! YAY!!!


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