Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Thought So!

I returned from my trip home last night, went back to work this morning, answered emails all day long, and then left early for a doctor's appointment this afternoon.  My poor doctor is just getting back from a vacation as well, so she was rather behind and perhaps a little bit rushed, but she was just as cheerful and positive as usual.  She measured my fundal height, but apparently we were chatting about something because it wasn't until we left that I realized that she hadn't told me how I was measuring.

Then she moved on to the ultrasound, where we immediately discovered that our Baby Girl's head is still pointed downwards, as it should be.  We still have 7+ weeks to go, but we're hopeful that she'll stay "heads down" (two women in our Lamaze class who are due in August were still breech, and were rather worried--understandably!).  We then determined that our Baby Girl's back is to my left, with her arms and legs to my right.  I thought so!  Whenever I feel her move, it sure seems like I'm experiencing kicks and punches on my right side.  I can't quite claim "that's an elbow!" or "that's a foot!" with 100% certainty, but it definitely feels nice to know that I'm starting to read my body and her movements correctly.

Our doctor also said that the fluid levels look good, and we heard and saw her heartbeat still thumping away beautifully.  As with forgetting to ask about the fundal height, it wasn't until we were leaving the office that I realized that we hadn't gotten any pictures from this ultrasound.  I was a little sad to not have anything to show for today's appointment, but I also recognize that our Baby Girl is getting to the point where she is "too big" for any of the cute ultrasound pictures that we got in the past, so I'll survive.  Besides, I'll see her again in two weeks.

So, it had been my intention to upload pictures from the shower...but I accidentally left my camera at home!  So I'll have to wait until my parents can send it to us before I can post those.  On the other hand, I'll be able to post pictures of the cradle and quilts soon, because my husband bought himself a fancy new camera and he's excited to play around with it (once I can unpack and clean up the bedroom, where the cradle will be).  So those will be coming pretty soon--I promise.

Today's blessing was the chance to get through almost all of my emails.  I


  1. Things are going so great! Can't believe only 7 weeks left.

  2. Glad both you & baby girl are doing well. At this point I'm sure she'll stay head down. Hopefully she also stay with her back to your left too, as this is the most convienent position for birth.

    Can't wait to see the pics!


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