Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was my Boppy's (my grandpa's) birthday.  Today is my Sister-in-Law's birthday.  Tomorrow is both of my brothers' birthdays (yes, they have the same, they are not twins).  And Wednesday is my Dad's (now Ella's "Boppy") birthday.

I admit that I've been so caught up in caring for Ella that I neglected to send cards or gifts.  I will get to see my Dad and one of my brothers over Thanksgiving when they came to visit, and I sent my Sister-in-Law a text-picture of Ella with a sign that said "Happy Birthday Aunt Heidi".  Oh well...I'm sure that they understand.

Today's blessing was watching my husband really step it up today in caring for Ella.  He loves playing with her when she's happy...but he tries to hand her off to me when she gets fussy.  Sure, I could "rescue" him each time...but I need him to be the care-giver that I know that he can be.  So I gave him some pointers entrusted her to his care.  Sure enough, he stepped it up big time, and even exceeded my expectations!  He also effortlessly introduced a bottle to her for the first time!  He was so proud of her, which makes me so proud of him.  I really am blessed with this partner that God has given me, and Ella is equally blessed to have him as her Daddy.

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  1. Nov is a busy month for us too!!! We just celebrated my grandpa's birthday yesterday (85!) & Addy got to meet her Great Grandpa. Hope your sister liked her text picture...I know mine did!!!


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