Friday, November 26, 2010

Newborn Photo Shoot

As a shower gift, a family friend from back home gave us a newborn photo shoot.  She was in town just a week or so after Ella was born to visit her parents, so it worked out perfectly.  She then sent the disc of pictures down with my parents for their Thanksgiving visit.  Here are some of my favorites*:



Ella was 12 days old in these pictures.  She was 8 weeks old yesterday on Thanksgiving.  I have so much for which to be thankful.  As is customary, we went around and said what we were thankful for.  In addition to being thankful for Ella, I shared that I was also thankful for the work that God has done in my life as we waited for Ella.  My mom agreed that she has seen a change in me, which makes me happy.  I want to be the best mother, daughter, wife, and friend that I can be--and I'm learning so much from loving Ella.

Today's blessing is the chance to buy a Christmas tree.  Since we are always traveling to visit one set of parents or the other for Christmas, my husband and I have always skipped on the tree.  But since we now have Ella, we want her first Christmas (and all subsequent holidays) to be special, so we're heading into town soon to purchase our first tree as a family.

*The rest of the pictures can be viewed here, then click on "View Your Pictures", then "Kids/Babies", then select the picture of Ella on the scale, and the password is simply "Ella".  Special thanks to Georgia Gannon for the beautiful pictures!


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