Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wardrobe Changes

It seems as though both Ella and I are in need of some wardrobe changes.  Hers need to be a bit bigger...mine need to be a bit smaller.

We didn't get many "newborn" outfits for her, but the few that we did get seem to be too small for her these days.  She exceeded the 9 pound mark at her appointment last week, so she is definitely too big for the 5-8 pound items.  But sometimes it seems that even the 8-12 pound pieces are too small for her as well--at least in the length, though not quite in girth.  My husband and I are both fairly tall, and she also seems to have our length.  Poor thing--she's going to be running into all sorts of wardrobe issues for the rest of her life if she has my long torso (though I finally appreciated my extra-long torso when I was pregnant with her).  Sidenote on baby clothes...I find it so funny that some "0-3 month" items seem so tiny, and others seem so huge!  Depending on the brand, she may have already outgrown some 0-3...and may be in others for months to come.

As for me, it's about time for me to put away the maternity clothes.  To be honest, I should have put them away weeks ago.  Since I'm on maternity leave until the new semester starts in January (have I mentioned how much I'm dreading going back?), I admit that I've been living in yoga pants and old t-shirts when I'm at home.  So I really only have to get dressed in "real clothes" for church and if I have to run into town for any errands.  And as I previously explained, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe ranges in sizes from 4-12...4 being at my healthiest and fittest as a result of implementing the recommendations that our RE laid out for us, and 12 being at my un-healthiest and un-fittest after our second loss.  But since I'm so reluctant to get rid of any clothes, I've got a spectrum of sizes from which to choose.  So yes, it's time to put away the elastic waistbands and extra-long shirts (though I might keep some of the maternity tank-tops in my regular I said, my extra-long torso is hard to cover).  I'll box them up today, and pray that I have the chance to wear them again someday.

Today's blessing is fall weather.  Yes, I realize that we're almost half-way through November, but Fall comes a little later when you live in the desert (and it could easily be 90 degrees again next week).  It's nice to be able to wear sweatshirts and cuddle up with my husband--and now Ella--under cozy blankets. 


  1. I hear you with the clothes. Addy is pretty long so she's wearing some baggy 6-9 mo stuff just so it's long enough. Congrats on moving out of maternity clothes!

  2. I've been noticing the same thing about the baby clothes. It is hard to buy ahead when I have no idea what sizes will work for what season. I am trying to buy sale clothes for a year into the future (like summer clothes for NEXT summer when he'll be around 3 months) but some 3 month clothes are super tiny, and some are super small. What to do? Oh well! It is a problem I am glad to have!

    Glad things are going well for you and Ella. Sad to think of January for you :( Boo.


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