Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prayers for a Friend

Please keep my friend Nina in your prayers in the weeks to come.  She is pregnant with her second child--a little boy they will name Lukas.  She will be induced on Tuesday, November 23rd (unless he comes before then).

Halfway through her pregnancy or so, Nina noticed a lump on her thyroid.  When she had it checked out, the doctors determined that the growth was cancerous, and that her entire thyroid would need to be removed shortly after the baby was born.  So she will be induced this week, and will then have the surgery to remove the thyroid on December 9th. 

Once the thyroid and the cancer is removed, the prognosis is pretty good.  She and the baby have been monitored, and it does not sound like this has hurt Lukas at all.  But I can imagine that it would be rather overwhelming to know that you're going to face surgery just over two weeks after giving birth.  And it's always concerning to hear the words "cancer" and "surgery"--even if the prognosis is good. 

Nina has been a great friend and support to me through our journey.  Having faced some similar struggles, she has been really understanding.  She has a great husband, and a beautiful three-year old little girl.  Please keep their little family in your prayers in these next couple weeks as she gives birth, prepares for surgery, and then recovers.

Today's blessing is my brothers.  As I mentioned yesterday, today is both of their birthdays.  I love them both very dearly, and I'm so glad that they are part of my life.  I admit that I was a rather bossy big sister when we were growing up, but I do pray that God has helped me to become a better sister in the last couple of years as I began to appreciate my family more and more.

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