Monday, November 29, 2010

Morning Girl

Ella is apparently a "morning girl"--at least at this stage in her life.  She is so so so happy in the mornings!  She wakes up with a huge grin and just wiggles with delight.  I'll then bring her into our bed, where she's very content to just smile and stretch next to my half-asleep husband while I get up and eat breakfast, take a shower, or do whatever else I need to do before feeding her.  She really is so sweet in the mornings!

Like many babies, she seems to have a bit of a "fussy time" in the evenings--but she's been improving there as well.  It seemed like she always wanted to be held right when it was time to prepare and eat dinner.  I tried to plan our meals around when she would be fed and happy, but even then, sometimes she wanted our undivided attention.  My husband was great about helping to cook and caring for her.  It got to the point in the two weeks or so leading up to Thanksgiving that we would take turns between eating and holding her.  I admit that I was looking forward to my parents and brother coming because it meant three more sets of hands in our rotation.  But she seemed to turn the corner when they arrived, and sat peacefully in her bouncer through our evening meals (at least long enough for me to quickly stuff my face).  And she's continuing to "behave" in the evenings--I was able to finish all of the ironing for the week while she hung out in her bouncer (just as a sidenote--my husband and I use the bouncer as a seat, but we have opted not to use the vibrating function--she, however, can get herself bouncing simply by kicking her legs, which I imagine is great exercise). 

Now if only I could convince her that it's not the end of the world to get out of the bath or shower at night...  I'm sure it must be a rude shock to go from the warm water to the cool(er) house, but she absolutely hates it!  Any suggestions for how to make it a more pleasant transition?

Today's blessing is that my husband gets to go to the Cardinals vs. 49ers game tonight.  He's a big 49ers fan, and I'm glad that he'll get some quality guy-time with his friends.  They made plans for the game a long time ago--before Ella was born--and he was very sweet about recognizing that he would be leaving me alone with her while he went out and had fun.  I'm totally fine with him going, but it was still really sweet that he was concerned.  So his mix of excitement and concern is a blessing to me.


  1. Everything you said was exactly how it works here! Big smiles when she wakes up, fussy in the evenings, hates getting out of the bath, taking turns eating! :)

  2. We keep a towel in the dryer & wrap Addy in it nice & warm & now getting out is her favorite part. She gives us a huge smile once she's all bundled up inside!

    We have an issue with staying to sleep. It seems that taking away her pacifier to fall asleep isn't a problem but her not having it once she wakes up mid-nap or during the night is the issue. I hoping not giving it to her to fall asleep will help. I've tried everything else!

  3. I started closing the door in the bathroom and running the water on hot to create a warm steamy room. I then cool it back down to run the bath water. It made my little man a very happy camper. :)

  4. Aren't bouncy-seats a godsend? Kendry loved his from the very beginning. It was the best item we registered for, hands down.


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