Thursday, November 4, 2010


If you've been following my story, you may remember that I keep an eye out for pennies and any other change that I may find.  As I previously shared, I try not to get too caught up in them being "signs"--like an "omen"--and I don't quite believe that they bring me "luck", but they do brighten up my day.  I guess I think of them as little reminders from God that He's looking out for us.

I found my first penny on the morning that I took the pregnancy test that eventually led to Ella.  That was back in January.  Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to find pennies and other coins, and each one felt like a little reminder from God that everything was going to be okay.  He gave Noah a rainbow...I feel like I got pennies.  And not just pennies, but nickels, dimes, and quarters as well--in fact, $4.86 worth through the 40 weeks of my pregnancy.  That breaks down to:
  • 61 pennies
  • 6 nickels
  • 22 dimes
  • 7 quarters
I totally realize that $4.86 won't even buy me a small package of store brand diapers, but it's not really about the money.  It's about trusting God's plan for my life, and watching for how He is looking out for me, one little penny at a time.

I continue to watch for pennies, and they continue to show up, and God continues to bless us.  Perhaps I'll get Ella a piggy bank when she gets old enough to appreciate not only the value of money, but also the significance of these particular coins.  For now, they are in a little trinket box which was a gift from my Grandma--the same woman who inspired my mom and me to watch for coins in the first place.  (I should also mention that we have opened a real savings account for Ella...but something tells me that a bank teller isn't going to share the same warm feelings about my coins if I bring them all in).

Yesterday's blessing was learning that my dad walked away from a car accident (it happened a 1/2 block away from our house, so he literally walked home).  He was rear-ended as he was turning onto our street, and while the back end of his car is completely smashed in, he was unharmed.  He says that he's a little bit sore--but he doesn't know if that is from playing basketball that morning prior to the accident or if it was from the impact.  It was an older car with lots of miles, but he took really good care of it, and probably won't get all that much for it, so he's a bit worried about replacing it.  Please keep him in your prayers as he deals with the hassle of working through the insurance company and figuring out what to do.  But either way, we are so blessed that God kept him safe!


  1. I love the coin story! So glad your dad is ok.

  2. Glad your dad is ok!! Love the meaning behind the coins!

  3. Oh Laura! God was watching out for your dad. I'm glad he is ok. And will definitely pray that he can find a replacement soon and insurance will cover for it!


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