Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Veteran

I met my husband in a bar.  I was attracted to his shaved head (I've always loved the feel of short short hair).  I should have noticed that everyone in his circle of friends also had short hair, and should have guessed that they were all in the military.  Good Christian girls are not supposed to meet guys in bars...and they especially aren't supposed to give their number to Army guys in bars.  But I did...and I feel deeply in love with an officer.

I remember proclaiming in high school that I "didn't want to be married to the military".  Funny how things turn out.  All of those assumptions and prejudices I had in high school were washed away ten years later when I met my husband.  He is kind, dedicated, loyal, committed, and faithful.  I recognize that part of that comes from his childhood upbringing and the values that his family helped to instill, but I also know that I have the Army to thank for shaping him into the man who stood before me on our wedding day, and stands beside me through the ups and painful downs of life. 

Shortly after we got married, my husband--my veteran--left his active duty role to join the reserves to "potentially" decrease his chances for deploying; although he would proudly, willingly, and bravely leave if ever called upon to go.  Each month, he's always the last to leave the reserve unit every night of their designated weekend.  I admit that as I wait for him in the car, an hour past when he promised he would be done, I selfishly curse him and his devotion.  But when I pull myself out of my selfishness and put it all into perspective, I realize just how amazing of a man and an officer he is to show this much commitment to his soldiers, his unit, and his country.  I am proud of him, and I'm proud to be his wife.

Today, on this Veteran's Day, while my veteran is halfway around the world, I'm blessed by those who served and continue to serve our country.

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