Friday, November 6, 2009

Too Much Information

I got an email this morning from a dear friend inviting me to go to a "Babies and Stress Lunch Talk" next week.  My friend (and her husband) are both in medical school, and this lunch is a part of an ongoing series that is geared towards medical students, but apparently open to anyone.  The speaker is from the Psychosomatic Medicine Interest Group, and the discussion is about Mind-Body Medicine and Infertility.  It does truly sound like an interesting topic.  (My friend will not be attending, as she will be out of town at the time.)

I kindly turned down the invitation.  I really appreciate that she thought of me (she knows the whole story), but I oscillate between wanting to know it all, and wanting to leave it all in God's hands. I think that I do a pretty good job (at this point) of managing the stress through morning yoga, my time on the elliptical, and more importantly--my daily devotional time with God. This may sound ignorant, but I find that the main thing I tend to stress about is (literally) "too much information". I start worrying that I'm doing something "wrong", when actually, the doctors have already told me that I'm doing everything "right".

To my pleasent surprise, my friend replied by saying that she is glad that I answered the way I did, and continued by affirming my efforts to prioritize and trust God.  What a blessing to have someone (who also happens to be a medical professional) who offers information, but yet applauds me when I know my limits.

Today's blessing was an "ah-ha" moment that came in the form of a reference request.  I mentioned previously that I was going through some professional disappointments.  But where one door closed for me, another window may open for a former colleague/supervisee who I totally admire.  She truly has such an amazing heart for working with students, and I really hope that things work out for her.  She is actually applying for a position that I held when I first started at this school, so it would be a cool "full circle" sort of thing...which somehow gives me hope for my own "open window" later on down the road.

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  1. I struggle with the same issue, moreso since learning of this pregnancy. I sadly am doing a terrible job of reading into things too much and google searching everything. I need to focus more on God. When I find myself researching things that only end up scaring me, I try and get myself to read the bible not the junk I'm reading.


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