Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Almost Forgot

While my husband was out of the country, I skipped the prenatal vitamins and folic acid.  His five-week trip to Djibouti kind of put a kink in trying, so I figured that I might as well save myself a month's worth of prescriptions.  But I was surprised to realize that I almost forgot to start taking them again!  He had already been home for more than a week before I noticed them in the cupboard and realized that I should probably start taking them again. 

It's not that I'm worried about my health--I know I've been eating really healthy.  But rather, I think that I was impressed with forgetting--because it means that I'm not solely 100% focused on making a baby.  Let's face it--babies are made all of the time without any thought of prenatal vitamins or folic acid.  Don't get me wrong--I fully advocate for proper prenatal care under a qualified health care provider.  But for me and my single-minded-thinking, to overlook the simple act of taking these supplements also equates to living my life without being totally consumed with procreation.  So yes, I smiled a bit when I realized that I had neglected the meds.

I have since resumed the case anyone is wondering.  Now that he's back--yes--we're trying again.  Please keep us in your really would be wonderful if this is a successful month for us.

My blessing today is the rain!  We live in the desert, so we'll take any rain that we can get!  This storm comes full with thunder and lightening and the most amazing smells.  My husband and I squeezed in a walk in between storms at sunset, and it definitely is starting to look, smell, and feel like winter. 

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  1. oooh, I love a good thunder and lightening storm. glad your husband is home!


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