Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Mine

I must warn any readers that this post deals with bodily if you're queasy about "too much information", then please feel free to skip this post...

I found the "silver lining" with having my husband out of the country.  Ever since discovering that my cervical mucus changes when I ovulate, I've often wonderered which "liquids" are "his" and which are "mine".  But I wasn't about to give up a perfectly good cycle of trying, simply to fulfill my physiological curiosity.  But since he's now out of the country, I'm left with no choice but to "abstain" this month...which means that I know, beyond a doubt, that anything that I observe is indeed all mine.

Okay...enough with the TMI (don't say I didn't warn you).

Today's blessing is the amazing weather that we're getting.  It was freezing last week.  No really--it was literally freezing at 30 degrees when I left for work.  And now it's in the 90s.  I love the desert!  This weather allows me to accomplish more in the yard.  I'm really making a dent in my outdoor projects, and I hope to make some noticeable progress before my husband returns in 11 days (but who's counting?).  I've also been able to enjoy my daily devotional time outside in the beauty of the desert sunsets, which is truly such a blessing.

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