Friday, November 13, 2009

Out of Africa

It's Friday night for me...which means that it's Saturday morning for my husband in Djibouti...which means that he leaves Africa today...or tomorrow...however you want to look at it.  Essentially he leaves at 11:00 pm Djibouti time, or 1:00 pm my time--how's that?  He'll to Paris, well he'll spend the day, and then fly on to Salt Lake City...and then should arrive him around 4:30 pm on Monday.  Please pray that he's able to get through Customs okay in Salt Lake City, as he doesn't have a long layover, and I worry that he'll miss his flight home and then I'll have to wait even longer.  How much would that suck?

I spent the day preparing for his return.  In addition to cleaning up around the house (and getting the carpets cleaned), I also indulged in a massage and a bikini wax (okay, so I indulged in the massage and tolerated the bikini wax).  I typically don't spend the money for a wax (the last time I did was for our wedding), but I wanted things to be "nice" for him when he gets home (I apologize if I'm sharing too much...).  The massage guy totally did a number on my shoulders--apparently I'm caring a ton of stress in them...yet I don't feel stressed at the moment.  I didn't have that heart to tell him that the main source of my stress comes from my three losses and my desire to be a mom.  Like I said, I don't feel stressed about it at the moment--as I feel like I have a justifiable reason as to why this isn't our month--but maybe my body is trying to tell me something...

My blessing today is my clean carpets.  I know it sounds silly, but they truly look so incredible!  The stains were driving me crazy to the point that I had considered pulling up the carpet and piling on a new home improvement project for which we don't currently have the time, energy, or resources.  And I do realize that I could rent a steam cleaner and do it myself...but the guy did such a fabulous job that it makes it all worth it.  Let's just hope that my husband notices and agrees.

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