Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taking Notice

Lately, people have started taking notice that I've been losing weight.  The dental hygienist asked (of course, she also asked if I had a "new addition" because I had declined x-rays last time I was there when I had just found out I was pregnant), and later that day one of my students asked.  But the weird thing with the student is that I had only met with him one other time in the Spring, so for him to have noticed a change must have meant that I was actually much larger in real life than I was in my mind.

But again, I'm not intentionally trying to lose weight.  Rather, I'm trying to create a "safe living environment", should we ever experience the miracle of getting pregnant again.  I recognize that there are a lot of things with in/fertility that I cannot control, but I do have some say in what I choose to put into my body.  And although I admit that I do not particularly like to work out, I do enjoy how I feel when I'm done.

I still don't have the perfect answer for when people ask "why" and "how" I'm losing weight or eating carefully.  I usually just leave it at "Oh, my doctor has recommended some changes for my health", or sometimes I'll even go so far as to mention something about a hormone imbalance.  But I fear that they think that I'm a prude for eating my vegetables and hummus for lunch.  The "big-boss lady" at work made a joke about me moving on to a liquid diet before too long...that kind of hurt.  (And no, I have absolutely no intention of beginning any sort of liquid diet or any other extreme measures).

I'm not gonna lie--I like the changes that I'm seeing.  But again--the point of all of this is not to lose weight--it's to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  I'm at that point where I've been debating over whether I just keep rolling my pants to make them stay on, in the hopes that I'll soon be pregnant and needing that extra space; or just donate them all to charity and dive in to the holiday sales and buy myself a new wardrobe that fits (and yes, flatters) my new frame.

Today's blessings is my brothers' birthdays--as in the birthday of both of my brothers.  They are three years apart, but share the same birthday...and share so much else in common as well.  I truly adore my brothers, and I miss them so much.  I admit that I was a rather bossy big sister while we were growing up, but they tolerated me and saw beyond all that I asked of them.  I'm really proud of the men that they have become.  (And yesterday was my sister-in-law's birthday...and I'm equally blessed to have her in my life as well).

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  1. good for you for taking on a healthy lifestyle and diet - and if you get the odd comment here and there, don't let it get to you, because like you said, you are doing what you need to do! Keep at it and enjoy the compliments as a sign that you are making those positive changes. Love the new look of your blog btw!


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