Friday, January 29, 2010

Acknowledging "Anonymous"

Here I am, a little bit concerned but mostly excited about this pregnancy...while a woman searches for "recurrent miscarriage" and stumbles upon my blog.  She shares in an anonymous comment that she read my story and cried at her desk at work for an hour.  I've been there before--crying at work over blogs from women whom I've never even met.  My heart breaks for her, and as silly as it sounds, I wish that I could reach out and hug her.  Like me, she has suffered three losses.  Like me, she longs to hold her child in her arms.  I assume that she craves a community of women who understands her pain, and yet probably secretly wishes that she weren't associated with us.  No one wants to be part of this community...and yet here we are.

I wanted to acknowledge this "Anonymous" commenter, and any others who have anonymously shared words of hope for me along this journey.  I wish that I had a way to connect to those who wish to stay anonymous...but yet I realize that the whole premise of anonymity allows the author to remain unidentified.  Though I may not know the details of your story, please know that my heart goes out to you and I keep you in my prayers.

It's so unfortunate that we all had to "meet" this way--over common pains and yet-to-be-filled desires instead of cups of tea and family photos.  And yet I cherish what you offer me--understanding, support, encouragement, and hope.  I pray that I am able to provide to you a bit of what you have shared with me. 

I don't know if this woman will ever check my blog again.  Perhaps the hour she spent reading my story will be the only time our paths will cross...or perhaps she will feel empowered to share her pain and her desires in a similar venue and experience the healing support that is offered here.  Either way, I pray that she--and any other readers--know how much I appreciate them and that I hold on to hope that the Lord bless them in their journey.

Today's blessing was a nice walk with my husband after a long week at work.  I can tell that our days are starting to get just a little bit longer, so it was nice to enjoy the sunset and his company. 


  1. So happy for you! After finally achieving a pregnancy on the #5 IVF, it truly is a blessing to encourage people and tell people about holding on and having that hope and faith! Never, NEVER, let it go!!!

  2. I saw the comment from the anonymous blogger and remember doing the same thing. For days I read through so many blogs start to finish (including yours) and found so much hope! I commented anonymously for at least a month before realizing what a support this community can be and jumping in. Perhaps anonymous will do the same.

    A follower just joined my blog and told me that I give her hope. I cried my eyes out. Realizing that my little one gives someone else strength means that I can do for so many what so many have done for me since joining.

    Just by taking the time to write this post for anonymous you show what a truly caring person you are. God Bless.

  3. My name is Debbie and I am "Anonymous". I didn't really intend to be anonymous, just that I am new to the blog world and I have no idea how to navigate anything. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your kind words. You are so right on everything you said. I do crave a community who understands my pain and what I've been through so I don't feel so alone. I will most definitely be following you and will be praying for you and your baby all the way. Also, my birthday is in February too:) I'm a little anxious this year since I'm turning 30.

  4. Hi Debbie! I hope that you find this note. It feels a little weird to say "nice to meet you", but I'm glad that we were able to connect. If you ever end up starting a blog, I'd love to follow your story. I also added my email to the right under a new "Reaching Out" category. Please feel free to contact me there. I hope that you're able to find some comfort and support through this venue and our community of RPL survivors. God bless!


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