Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why Won't Anyone Pray That I Puke?

They say that morning sickness is a good sign in a pregnancy...right?  So why do my husband and family and friends (the limited few with whom we've shared the news) shake their heads and tell me that they hope that I don't have to go through it when I ask them to pray for morning sickness?  Why won't anyone pray that I puke?

I want to experience this pregnancy to its full capacity, morning sickness (or all-day sickness) and all.  I was actually excited when I broke out a week or so ago.  It was before I had taken the test, so it gave me hope that something was happening with my hormones.  (C'mon hormones!  Do your work and make me sick!).  After experiencing the three previous losses, I feel like I'm clinging to any symptom that may or may not be legitimate.  The more times I can look at a list and say "I have that!", the better I feel.  (However, I'm trying to stay clear of "Dr. Google" as much as I'm just thinking back to anything I've ever previously learned about pregnancies).

I guess I feel a little bit queasy from time to time, but I can't tell if I'm nauseous...or hungry...or if it's all just psychosomatic.  To be sure, I want the knock-me-on-my-butt no-way-to-deny-it type of morning sickness.  So really--I give you permission to pray that I puke.

Today's blessing is that my husband is motivated to clean the house...and he's perfectly content to let me relax and incubate.  He's a computer nerd, and his recent projects have spilled out of his office and the "man cage" and have taken over our dining room table.  I've tolerated his mess for a couple of weeks now, but I will be glad to have a presentable house again--especially since we have friends coming over next weekend for the Super Bowl.  He's in a cleaning frenzy, and I'm perfectly content.


  1. I'll pray stronger symptoms kick in soon!! Good luck!

  2. I'll pray that you puke! hang in there - stay strong!

  3. It's still pretty early for real strong morning sickness, but I'll pray for you to get it! I know with my first pregnancy, I wasn't sick at all, but I wasn't worried because my mom was never that sick, but then that didn't turn out going so well, so I want to be sick, too!

  4. P.S. It's also probably better to spend your energy praying for the baby than for the symptom... I was praying this morning, "Please God, let my temperature be high..." when I realized what I really meant was, "Please God, let me be pregnant!" So I prayed that instead. :)

  5. Dear God,

    Please make Laura puke :)


  6. You are funny! I will pray that this pregnancy results in a baby but the fact that you are feeling nauseaus this early on is good! (If I remember correctly it doesn't really hit until around week 6) Neither my first nor this one have given me much morning sickness.

    The little (or lot of on some days) bit of nausea I've had makes it difficult for me to ask God to give that to you. Most people do get morning sickness from what I've heard, so hang in there - it's on it's way! :)

  7. It's still early. My morning sickness didn't kick in until almost six weeks. Now I'm kind of wishing I didn't have such strong symptoms! :)

  8. Thank you, Ladies. By my calculations, I hit the six week mark on Saturday (since LMP) or I'll hit the six week mark on Tuesday (I think that's 4 weeks since Ovulation, if we're saying that weeks 1-2 are the "freebie" pre-O weeks). But Abbie is also totally right--I should be praying for a healthy pregnancy, not just symptoms; and likewise, peace and trust, not just reassurance. But it would be cool to experience legitimate morning sickness to get the full pregnancy experience. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!


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