Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Months

I recently realized that I have about a two months supply left on my metformin prescription.  My RE put me on it in February 2009, shortly after my second loss, when my bloodwork came back showing that my FSH/LH levels were not where they were supposed to be--meaning that I had PCOS.  For anyone who may not know, metformin is actually a Type-2 Diabetes medication, but it apparently balances insulin levels, which apparently balance hormone levels.  So metformin is supposed to shorten your cycles (and from what I understand, most people with PCOS have longer cycles).  Since going on it, we've had one more pregnancy and one more loss, and my cycles have typically been in the 32-35 day range.  That's much better than the 100+ days I once went without a cycle (which I admit was shortly going off the pill, and I was totally eating like crap), but I wouldn't say that it's been a "miracle drug" for us.

So I don't think I'm going to refill the prescription once it runs out.  I figure I got pregnant twice before it, and once since it, so it's not like it's the answer to the conception part of our puzzle.  And since I lost each pregnancy, both with and without it, it doesn't seem to be the answer to that riddle either. 

I'm not saying that it doesn't work--because I believe that it does.  But rather, perhaps I don't need it anymore.  If it's main purpose is to balance insulin levels (which start the chain reaction of balancing hormones, etc., etc.), then I can intentionally be careful about the foods that I eat that may cause my insulin levels to spike...and avoid them.  I'm not saying that this will be easy--but it's something to which I can commit for the sake of the chance to have a child.  I've already made some huge lifestyle changes with my diet and exercise, so I believe that the rest of these little changes are manageable as well.

This isn't to say that we're no longer "trying"...because we are.  It's just that it hasn't really seemed to be doing drastic changes in my system--but I do believe that my diet and exercise have made a difference.  So why keep up the artificial bandaid when the natural path seems to be helping?  I'm not saying that everyone should dump out their metformin...I'm simply saying that I'll say "goodbye" to it when the prescription runs out (unless my doctor convinces me otherwise).

Today's blessing was a bit of rain...but sunshine during the times when I needed to walk across campus.  Living in the desert, we'll take as much rain as we can get.  But there's nothing worse than being soaked to the bone all day long (why do you think I chose Arizona after two years in Oregon?).

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  1. Go with your gut feeling - you know your body the best so if you feel the medication isn't the 'golden ticket' and the au natural way worked for you twice then why bother right? I think the only thing though, is that you were able to be on a 'regular' cycle on it -- have you talked to your doctor about conceiving naturally on those super long cycles?


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