Sunday, April 18, 2010

So I Fainted in Church This Morning...

So I fainted in church this morning.  My husband wasn't with me, but two of our friends were.  It was uncharacteristically warm and muggy in church today (it's usually on the cooler side).  During the second song of the second set of songs, I could tell that I wasn't feeling well.  I sat down, but my world kept swimming.  I know I passed out/blacked out/fainted...because I recognize that I "woke up" with a nice older couple who sat down on one side of me to check on me and my friend sitting on the other side.  The same song was still playing, so I know I wasn't out long.  And because I had already sat down, I didn't fall or anything like that.  The nice old woman fanned me with the bulletin, and then returned to her seat when I told her I was feeling better.  I stepped outside to get some nuts, dried fruit, and water from my car--and recognized that it was much cooler outside than inside...which isn't how it's supposed to be in mid-April in the desert.  I returned for the rest of the service, but I admit that my mind was on the baby instead of the message. 

I ate breakfast this morning before church, and I ate a good amount yesterday.  Perhaps I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I should (I'm really good about my water intake during work days when I have a schedule, but I find that it's harder during the weekend).  I had already planned on visiting with my very-dear friend after church, and she really is the best person for me in situations like this.  She and her husband (both doctors) didn't think that it was too much cause for alarm, but she suggested that I definitely mention it to my doctor during the next appointment.  We agreed that it wouldn't hurt to call and leave a message for my doctor tomorrow, since our next appointment isn't until May 5th.

I have passed out a few times in the past, and I often get light-headed when I stand up too quickly.  But it does concern me that I passed out while pregnant.  My very-dear friend reassured me that our bodies will do whatever is necessary to protect the baby, so I want to trust that everything is okay.  It was nice that God let me find a penny in the grocery store parking lot when I stopped on the way home--perhaps that's His way of letting me know that everything will be okay.  The church picnic is scheduled for this afternoon, and it would have been nice to go, but I opted to just come home and relax and be good to my body and to this baby.

**Update:  I called the clinic this morning to convey my experience, and a very friendly nurse from my OB/GYN clinic called me back.  She told me that I did the right thing in calling, and agreed that it was very likely that I fainted due to the heat.  She reminded me to continue to hydrate--especially as we head into summer in the dester--so I've been guzzling water all day long.  They'll put a note in my file and I'll be sure to talk to my doctor about it when I see her on May 5th, but the plan is to just be careful for now.  Please pray that everything is indeed normal and that the baby is safe.
Today's blessing was the chance to have a really nice talk with my very-dear friend about our pregnancies.  Our experiences are so different, and yet we've been able to learn so much from each other.  God truly blessed me when He brought her into my life.


  1. How scary. Glad you were already sitting down. Sounds like you had a lovely get together with your friend. Those moments are so meaningful.

  2. So glad you are ok. Fainting is definitely a scary thing.

  3. Laura!! I'm glad you're ok - I understand the worry about baby but I know everything will be fine - you were in His House and all when it happened! :)I'm a bit behind on blogs but I'm so glad that you have a great support too in real life to share this experience with. *hugs*

  4. Oh no!! I'm sorry that you fainted and are scared. But it is so common, I'm sure it was just the heat. Hope you are feeling better and not worrying too much.

  5. I am so sorry you fainted but glad you are feeling ok. I am thinking of you and praying that the next 20+ weeks are healthy and strong for you, Doug, and the baby. Enjoy what you can with these months. A dear friend of mine told me she fainted several times while she was pregnant - you are not alone and I hope the Dr. appt on the 5th still shows good signs. Hugs and love.

  6. I just read this and I'm sorry you fainted. It's important to keep hydrated especially with the warm weather months coming ahead of us. I always carry a water bottle everywhere I go. Hang in there!


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