Saturday, April 10, 2010

First (Good) Dream

I was excited to wake up in the middle of the night last night to realize that I had just experienced my first (good) dream about the baby.  After various nightmares during all four pregnancies, it was really sweet to actually dream about the baby. 

I don't remember many of the details...something about putting a baby girl in a carseat in my parents' old station wagon.  I'm not necessarily saying that this means the baby is a girl--I think I know where that part of the dream comes from.  Absolutely everyone who has an opinion--from the nurse who schedules my appointments to my mother-in-law--has shared that they believe that the baby is a boy.  My husband even refers to the baby as "Junior"--typically denoting a boy--though he says that he would be perfectly happy with a girl as well (he's rather just saying that the baby is a "junior" version of us).  But I told my mom a few weeks ago that I wanted to use her first name as the middle name if the baby is a girl.  She was extremely touched, and shared with me yesterday that she is now really hoping for a girl.  So I know that I had "baby girl" on the brain when I went to bed--even though I would also be perfectly happy with either a boy or a girl.

There are some dreams from which I awake and it really bothers me that I can't remember the details--but this one was different.  In the dream, the baby was happy and healthy.  That's all I could really hope for--the rest of the details can wait.  I couldn't help but smile (on my way to the bathroom for the second time that night).

Today's blessing is having my husband home.  Yes, I know I shared it yesterday, but that was before he arrived.  His flight ended up being about an hour late, but he is worth the wait.  He shared with me how much he missed me, and then rubbed my belly and said "I missed you, too".  After a bit of a slow start, it's such a blessing to watch him bond with the baby.


  1. Thats great! What a nice change.

  2. That's wonderful! Nothing better than waking up from a good dream :-) As weird as this sounds, and not to mention a little TMI, I sometimes have good baby dreams of me breastfeeding. Wild? Congrats on your good dream :-)

  3. What a blessing. Good dreams are a good thing! :) Glad your hubby is home.

  4. Came here via the blog hop. What a neat post - I've always been a vivid dreamer and fascinated by what our unconscious tries to communicate to us :)
    ~Miriam (Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed)

  5. Just stopping in to let you know I nominated you for a little sunshine on my blog!


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