Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broken Tradition

My birthday is three days before my mom's.

Both of my brothers' birthdays are three days before my dad's.  (And no--they are not twins).

My husband's birthday is on Friday.  That's three days from now.

Unless our Baby Girl makes a really quick appearance in the next four hours, it doesn't look like we'll be sticking with the family tradition of being born three days before a parent.

Oh well.  It would have been really cute and ironic and serendipitous if she were born today, but I'd rather her come when she's good and ready--and not just to stick with tradition.  Besides, I'm just over 38 weeks, and while she is "full term" in the sense that her lungs are fully developed at this point, I know that it's best if she continue to gain weight. 

Today's blessing was the chance to do something sweet for my husband this morning.  He was supposed to carpool with some other guys from work, but found out late last night that he would need to meet up with them at someone else's house instead of ours.  But I knew that he was out of gas, so he planned to just leave early to fill up in the morning.  I think that I've shared before that my husband is definitely NOT a morning person, so I knew that he wasn't looking forward to waking up even 10 minutes earlier than he would like.  But I slept well last night, and woke up early, so I ran to the gas station to fill up his tank for him so that he could sleep in a bit longer.  I know it's such a minor little thing, but it made his day, and I'm glad that I could do something simple and sweet for him.

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  1. that is super sweet! happy bday. I pray this will be a very special time for you and your family!


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