Friday, September 10, 2010

Long Day

I left my house for work before 7:00 this morning...and returned at 10:00 tonight.  Talk about a long day!  We hosted a retreat for the freshmen leadership group that I work with, and we didn't finish up until close to 9:30 pm.  Add a half-hour commute, and I worked 15 hours today, pretty much non-stop!  (Did I mention that I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant?)

And yet, I felt great all day long.  I really enjoy working with these student and the returning student leaders, and I know that I get energy from their enthusiasm, but I have to believe that much of this stamina came directly from God.  I'm totally exhausted now, but I need to slow down a bit before I crawl into bed with my husband (the poor guy has to get up at 3:00 am to drive up to his Army Reserve Drill weekend). 

I had originally planned to go up with him, but now I'm very thankful that I decided to stay home.  I have a few final things I want to accomplish this weekend--including packing my bag and working on a birthday surprise for him (as in a gift for his birthday next week--not our Baby Girl's "birth-day" in the next couple of weeks...but I guess that the two kind of go hand in hand).  I'm really hoping that I can sleep in tomorrow morning, and I'm praying that she doesn't decide to arrive this weekend while he's away.  It's only a two hour drive, and like I said yesterday, I don't see any reason to believe that she's coming soon (though I recognize that anything can change over night).  So for those of you who are praying that our Baby Girl come in September--thank you...but perhaps can you put those prayers on hold for the next 48 hours or so until my husband returns?

Today's blessing is our "big boss lady", who so graciously opened up her amazing home to 60 freshmen students and our 10 student leaders!  She literally hosted 70 students in her own home!  She does so much for all of our students all year round, but she really went above and beyond in offering up her home to this group.  And we're not just talking about her spacious back yard!  No, she opened up her entire home--complete with pool tables, air hockey, and foosball.  She is such a gracious and hospitable hostess, and our organization really is so blessed to have her support.

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