Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goodbye Rings

It was bound to happen...right?

I don't think that--overall--my fingers look that fat, but my knuckles have definitely swelled.  I struggled to get my wedding and engagement rings on all last week.  I was fine once I got over the knuckle...but it was clearly becoming an issue as the week wore on.  My typical routine is to put them on in the morning after I do my make-up, and then to take them off at night when I wash my face.  But on Sunday, I gave up and simply put on the Sapphire ring that my parents gave me for my college graduation (the one that I intend to give to our Baby Girl--assuming that she is born in September).  I previously wore this ring on my middle finger, so it fits my wedding finger with ample space (in fact, I have to be careful that it doesn't come off).

I realize that I could just go ring-less, but I would feel so naked without something around my wedding finger.  And it's not even about the image of a pregnant woman without a wedding ring--I'm okay if someone wants to "judge" me for the perception of being an unwed mother.  Rather, I truly enjoy the symbolism and the significance of my wedding band, and it makes me sad to not be able to wear it right now.  My relationship with my husband is stronger than ever, and he totally understands that I simply can't fit his token of love and devotion over my swollen knuckle, but it's a little bit unfortunate that we'll welcome our Baby Girl into our family without my wedding rings on.

Aside from my rings, things continue to go well.  I had another appointment with my doctor yesterday, and she did another internal check.  I'm still just barely a "fingertip dilated" (which didn't surprise me), but she said that my cervix is definitely much softer, and she seemed pleased with the progress.  After not really experiencing any contractions of any type pretty much all week, I "think" I had some last night, but I really can't tell.  I'm praying for God's wisdom, peace, and patience to know how to discern between what is false, what is real, and what is just a random movement, cramp, or gas.

Today's blessing is the chance to take a walk over my lunch break over to the bookstore to pick out an anniversary card for my parents.  This morning didn't really start out so great (nothing "horrible"...but just "one of those mornings"), so I'm really looking forward to getting out into the sunshine and trying to do an "emotional re-set".  I've got a busy afternoon, so I really hope that I can come back recharged for the rest of the day. 


  1. Aww, you almost made it! Hopefully you'll be able to wear them again real soon. Glad you got refreshed over lunch!

  2. Laura! You and your baby are certainly in my prayers. Keep us posted. I still don't fit in my rings - but working towards that goal. Some day it'll fit. another idea is to put them on a necklace until they do. Or some people just get another simple band. I did without but I might start trying to squeeze some grease to get it to fit again. =)

  3. I can completely understand missing your wedding rings. I was super emotional about it for some reason & started crying when I finally came to terms that they no longer fit. At first my hubby thought I was being silly, then realized I was really I put them on my necklace & than wore another ring on my wedding finger as well.

    I hope your walk helps you out. Buying your parents anniversary card is also bound to lift your spirits.

  4. My rings already don't fit because of my fat knuckles and swelling. I made Jason go buy me a fake wedding ring from Kohl's because I refused to go out in public looking pregnant and "unwed." Lol. You can imagine the scenario. It was that or miss out on Mexican food, so I got the ring. Booya.


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