Monday, September 6, 2010

Full Term

Today marks 37 weeks gestation, so our Baby Girl is technically considered "full term" now!  Of course, we want her to stay put for a few more weeks to maximize her development time, but it still feels really good to know that we've made it this far.

By this point, she probably weighs over 6 pounds.  Sounds big, right?  And yet, while doing more laundry today, I just had to hold up the tiny little mittens for my husband and ask him how anyone could ever be that small.  He and I are both on the taller side, and yet I feel like I'm still relatively "trim" for being this far along, so I really wonder how big (weight and length) she will be when she makes her debut. 

I still feel great--though I admit that I'm a little on the warm side, a little on the tired side, and it takes a little more effort to get up off the floor, off the couch, out of bed, out of the car--you name it.  But I know just how blessed I am that God has entrusted me with this Baby Girl, so I just want to cherish every single moment of this pregnancy.

Today's blessing is this three-day holiday.  I was fairly productive all weekend, and it felt really good to know that I had three days in which to complete my various weekend chores.  Today's project was making a lasagna for tonight, and another one to go in the freezer for after our Baby Girl arrives.  I also slept well last night, and took a nap on both Sunday and today.  Granted, I've also been working on revising our training manual for work, but at least I can do so with my feet up in front of the tv.  And now, I get to cap off the weekend with a big College Football game!


  1. Congrats! She will be here so soon! And I agree about baby laundry, it is so cute and I actually enjoy folding it!

  2. Wow! It's amazing how time passes so fast! Yay! How exciting you're almost going to meet your little one you've been praying for so long for! =)

  3. Wow. So, so exciting, Laura. I can't wait. Love Mom

  4. Happy full term!! So close! I can't wait!!

  5. Hi Laura, sorry I haven't commented in a while, but I took a break from the blog world this summer. I can't believe how quickly time has passed and that you are 37 weeks. I am so happy to hear that you are doing so good. I pray that you will continue to enjoy these last few weeks and that you will have a wonderful birth experience. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Take care!


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