Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Knew That Was Too Easy

Do you remember back in July when I was so impressed with how easy it was to talk to my mother-in-law about coming down to visit a couple of weeks after our Baby Girl arrived, rather than right away?  I was so pleased that she was so open to me wanting my mom to be here, and so appreciative that she even recommended that my husband and I have a week or so to ourselves in between my parents' visit and her visit.

Yeah...I should have know that it was too easy and too good to be true.

A week or so ago, my husband shared with me that the plans had changed.  When we were back in Montana, it didn't sound like my father-in-law would be able to make the trip, which was a bit disappointing, but since he doesn't fly, it kind of made things easier, since it meant my mother-in-law could just fly down whenever was convenient for her.  But apparently now he wants to come, which--ultimately--I think is wonderful.  But it means that they will drive...for two days from Montana.  To complicate things, he apparently had to set his vacation hours way back in January--before we even knew that we were pregnant.  He happened to take the last week of September and the first week of October, which is serendipitous since it will correspond with the arrival of our Baby Girl.  But they each have doctor's appointments on September 30th, so they plan to just leave from there and drive down.  The blessing in that is that now that we are inducing on Thursday, they won't get here too early. 

The only problem is that we only have one guest room.  I definitely want my mom here for helping out after the arrival of our Baby Girl (we've already established that it will only be my husband and me in the delivery room--and everyone is cool with that), and my dad was gracious enough to say "I've waited this long to meet this grandchild, I can wait longer if it will make things easier for you".  But I really want my parents here, so I told them to stick with their original plan to hit the road as soon as we head to the hospital. 

We could get a hotel room for either set of parents, but the nearest hotel is about 30-minutes away in town, and I figure that both sets of soon-to-be-grandparents will want to spend as much time with their grandchild (and us) as possible, that it doesn't make a lot of sense to get a hotel.  At one point, my in-laws had talked about bringing their trailer with them, but that's a long way to haul it. sounds like it's time to pull out the old air mattress. 

It will be a full house, but I'm really hoping that it's a joyous time of connecting and bonding--not only with our Baby Girl, but also with each other.  My parents and my in-laws only met once at the wedding, so I really hope that this can be a nice chance for them all to get to know each other a little bit better. 

As for me, today's blessing is that it seems like things are starting to happen!  (Warning:  the rest of this post talks about bodily fluids and such.)  I do believe that I just lost my mucus plug (or at least part of it)!  I woke up to pee at 3:00ish this morning, and tossed and turned but never really fell back to sleep.  I have to work early this morning, so I figured I'd just get up early and finish up this post.  Well, I had some "cleaning out" when I headed to the bathroom...and then some more "cleaning out" not ten minutes later.  And that's when I noticed something on the toilet paper that I've never seen before...but seems to match the description of what I should be expecting.  Perhaps we won't need the induction after all!  What a blessing to know that I get to meet our Baby Girl soon!  Please keep us in your prayers as things are (potentially) starting to get exciting!


  1. Oh! I'm getting so excited for you and your family. Continually praying for a healthy, safe delivery! =)

  2. Very exciting! Hopefully that means baby will be here in the next few days! Best of luck!!

    As for your parents and ILs, hopefully it will all work out. Honestly when we were first home we were so exhausted that we wouldn't care who was there as long as they were helping. Hopefully all the extra hands will be really nice! Good luck with that too. :)

  3. YAY! Hopefully you won't have to get induced! I am so excited for you, Laura! Can't wait to see pictures and hear the name!!!!


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