Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Have a (Tentative) Plan!

I had my 39 week appointment today, and everything still looks great!  I mentioned to her how I was having a weird hip/groin/sciatica pain for the last two nights, but now that I look back--I know she wrote it down in my chart, but we didn't exactly discuss it.  I think I left it at "perhaps Baby Girl is hitting a nerve", and I guess that my doctor just agreed with that.

Since this is the last time I'll see her before my actual due-date, we spent the majority of the appointment talking about what happens if Baby Girl is "late".  I totally realize that a due-date isn't necessarily exactly precise, so I'm not too fixated on Monday, September 27th.  My doctor said that although some clinics will allow women to go to 42 weeks, she starts losing sleep over her clients when they get close to 41 weeks.  Her main concern is the health of the baby, and fears complications with the miconium.  At this point, there isn't anything indicating that there are any complications--but we recognize that anything could change.

So our (tentative) plan--if our Baby Girl doesn't decide to make an entrance on her own--is to go to our appointment next week, check to make sure that everything is as my doctor hopes it would be, and then induce on the morning on Thursday, September 30th.  Her thought is that it's easier to book an induction a week in advance and cancel or postpone it if necessary, rather than try to schedule it at the last minute.  And for me being a planner, I like knowing that there is a plan in place--even if it's tentative. 

My hope is still that she will decide to make an entrance on her own; but in case she decides to stay camped out in my uterus, we have a plan in place to ensure that we get to meet her sooner rather than later (but still after 40 weeks, obviously).  Yet ultimately, even though we have a tentative plan in place, I want to be sure that we're following God's perfect plan for our lives.  So as we look forward to this next week, please pray that we find ways to recognize God's plan for our lives and know how to follow His will, and not just our own.

Today's blessing was the chance to share this plan with my parents and hear the excitement in their voice.  They live about 16 hours away, and their plan is to jump in the car and head to Arizona the minute they get the call from us.  I truly am excited to see them, and I'm even more excited for them to meet their granddaughter. 


  1. I will definitely be praying for you as you get ready for her arrival!

  2. It's getting "real" now!! Hope she comes on time.

  3. I am so happy for you. I can't believe it's so close!!! The 30th is a week away! I have goosebumps for you.
    And, of course, I hope you go naturally before then and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay!! I can't believe you are so close. Will be praying your little girl decides to show up naturally.

  5. Oh that's so wonderful. I'm getting so excited too! I can hear the excitement in your voice too. Will keep your lil one in prayer for a safe, happy delivery! =)

  6. Yay for a plan! That would make me feel much more relaxed... and then hopefully she'll get here while it's still September :-) But here's to hoping she decides to make an appearance on her own!

  7. So exciting! It's so close and I can't wait to hear that your baby is resting safely in your arms. :)


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