Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 Minutes

I had my annual exam with the new OBGYN today...and I was in and out of there in 30 minutes!  I couldn't believe it!  I was prepared with a book, but didn't even get through one chapter.

The new doctor seems great so far...although I do really miss my former doctor who moved out of state.  But so far, this new doctor did a good job of listening to my story and not minimizing my experience.  She says that everything looks great and "as normal as the day is long".  When I mentioned that I think that I ovulated last week, she agreed that it was probably too early to test, with which I feel at peace.

I do feel a bit bad for the nurse...after explaining that I had experienced three miscarriages in the last year, she asked if I've ever been pregnant.  Poor thing--I know that she was just going through her typical routine...and I'm not a typical patient.

I feel like God was looking out for me, and I'm feeling pretty good today, all things considered.  It was a year ago today that my former doctor explained that it sounded like I was going to lose the first baby.  That was at a different clinic, but this office was where I had the ultrasound that showed an extremely low heartbeat.  I feared that I would have to sit in the waiting room for hours with pregnant ladies all around me, but that wasn't my experience.  Tomorrow is my husband's birthday...and will also mark the one-year anniversary of my first loss.  Please pray for me tomorrow--I fear it's going to be hard, but I know that I can make it through with God's comfort.

Today's blessing is that everything seemed to go so smoothly with the doctor's office.  Finding a doctor who cares and listens and understands is such a huge blessing.  I know that I had these things with my former doctor, who I truly miss, but I hope that I can create a healthy relationship with this new doctor as well.


  1. hey girl. i wanna add you to view my blog, but don't have your e-mail address. do you still have mine?? if so just send it to me so i can add ya. love you

  2. so glad that you had a good appt with the dr. It makes such a difference that someone actually understands and cares and is with you in your plan!


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