Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tempting and Temping

Why is it that when I really try to focus on eating healthy and working out...that the universe keeps tempting me with cookies?  Someone brought leftover cookies into our break room at work after they weren't eaten at a meeting, then my grandma sends the best homemade cookies to my husband for his birthday, then finally a student brings me a cookie today in her advising appointment!  I resisted the break room cookies...ate the cookie from the student (because it would be rude not to, right?)...and indulged in one of the cookies from my grandma.  Luckily my parents are here to help eat the rest of them so that I can stop being tempted by them.

Aside from things that are "tempting", I've become someone who is now "temping"...as in tracking my basal body temperature each morning.  I know that I have said that I'm not going to obsess about trying, but I feel like I can justify this move as "statistical data research" to confirm or deny if I have in fact ovulated.  My mucus sure seemed to indicate so last month, but yet I didn't seem to observe any other symptoms that I've typically noticed in previous cycles (namely, sore breasts).  This can be just one more piece of the puzzle. 

But I give anyone permission to call me out if I ever sound like I'm starting to "obsess" too much.  Please feel free to keep me in check as you see fit.

Today's blessing was a slow day.  Things were so busy for the last two weeks...and I know that they will pick up again.  But for right now (or at least today), my schedule was nice and open, which really allowed me to get some things done that I have been meaning to accomplish, and I was able to leave the office on time.  It's just a little thing, but it's nice to get to come home while it's still light outside.


  1. good luck with charting this cycle! I think that it's perfectly fine and you're not 'obsessing', you are just taking charge and trying to pin point when you O to give everything the best chance possible! Having a cookie once in while is a-ok by me too ;)

  2. I wish I had some cookies.

    No one around here is going to fault you for obsessing!

  3. I came across your blog today and read the entire thing! It's very lovely, and I always enjoy the blessing at the end of each one. Really makes me focus on whats important. I'm really looking forward to following your story.

    We've been trying for 5 months but nothing has happened for us yet. We are starting hormone testing this month to make sure everything is ok.


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