Saturday, September 5, 2009

Those Five Words

I'm so proud of myself. For two months now, I have refrained from saying "those five words" and consequently ruining the mood. You know "those five words", don't you? They are: "Honey, I think I'm ovulating".

As much as I want to shout that news out loud, I don't want my husband to feel like there is a clock ticking away above our bed. I want us to be able to love each other for the sake of loving and desiring each other.

But sometimes, I wonder if he can read my non-verbals. Even though I didn't utter those five words, I do admit that I've been a little bit more "assertive" with him than normal. He even commented on how I seem to have a "one track mind", so maybe he's onto me. Not that I think that he minds...

I do think that I ovulated, or perhaps will do so soon. I admit that I'm jealous of those women who can pinpoint exactly when they ovulate. It always seems more like a "hypothesis" than an "exact science" for me. But I think that I read the signs correctly, so now it's just time to wait and pray and see.

Today's blessing was a chance to sleep in. Since I normally wake up around 5:30 am six days out of the week, my internal alarm clock tends to wake me up around that time on the seventh day as well. So I was shocked to wake up at 8:45 am, and even more amazed to find that my husband had even woken up before me. I feel totally rested, and totally blessed to know that I have a three-day weekend ahead of us.

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  1. Those words DO tend to ruin the mood, don't they? But a natural "side effect" of ovulating is that you'll be "more assertive" so you can't really blame yourself, right? Lol.


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