Thursday, June 24, 2010

Embracing the Heat

One of my former staff members--who is also pregnant--was lamenting the fact that she had wished that it would warm up.  After doing her undergrad in Arizona, she now lives in Oregon.  I lived in Oregon for two years--including one glorious summer (and two dreadfully wet winters).  I know summers in Oregon--they are absolutely beautiful!  It was 78 degrees in Oregon today (and yes, she recognizes that she is spoiled).

It was 109 degrees in Arizona today. 

And yet, I can't complain.  How can I?  I'm pregnant!  This is what I've wanted so dearly for so long!  I live in the desert, and it gets hot here.  It just so happens that the second half of my pregnancy happens to correspond with the hottest summer months.  What's there to complain about?

As I interact with more and more parents during Orientation (many of which are from out-of-town and out-of-state), they continue to pity me that I'm pregnant during the summer.  While simultaneously trying to appreciate their concern for me, I try to sweetly explain that I'm simply embracing the heat as I enjoy my pregnancy.  And I am--I'm enjoying my pregnancy, and it makes it so much easier to embrace this heat...even when it climbs above 100.

Perhaps my losses have changed my outlook and have helped me to develop a "no complaints" perspective.  The due date for my first pregnancy would have been April 2009, and I remember feeling grateful at the time that I would be able to dodge the summer.  Now, I'm just overwhelmingly grateful to be pregnant and to have things progressing.  Who cares if it's hot?

But I feel like I have to be honest--I admit that I think that our AC is probably set a degree or two cooler than it was at this time last year...and I've been sleeping with only a sheet...and I may have walked around the empty house yesterday afternoon in only my bra and panties.  So along with the minor adjustments, I embrace the heat, and I cherish this experience of being pregnant.  I don't care if we set record temperatures this year--Summer 2010 will always be special for me as the time when I carried our Baby Girl.

Today's blessing was a nice compliment from a student, letting me know that he appreciates that I've always been there for him.  After that initial slow start to the summer, things have been so busy at work, and I've been feeling like I've been playing catch-up every day.  So it was really nice to hear that I'm still making an impact--at least for this one student.


  1. Whew, 109?? Might want to crank the air down a couple more degrees!

  2. I have loved every moment of this pregnancy and have been really blessed with still feeling great, but the one thing I am not doing so well with is this heat. It's been about 90 here in NY but the humidity is TERRIBLE!! I will have to try and follow your lead and embrace it or else I might drive myself (& hubby) NUTS!!

  3. Good for you! Having grown up in Alaska I don't handle 100+ very well (we get it a few times each summer here in WA), and I would not have done very well being pregnant in that heat. I was prego from August to May. But I love your attitude about it. What would we do without AC? :)


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