Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Belly Rub

As we were leaving church this morning, I had my first experience with someone rubbing my belly.  Actually--I take that back--I guess a good friend rubbed my belly weeks ago when I just started to show....but she was a close friend, so that doesn't count.  This was the first "unexpected" or "unsolicited" belly rub. 

I guess that this woman isn't a complete stranger.  When I first found out that I was pregnant, I went to our "Prayer Garden" after church to ask for prayers, and she was one of the women who was on "prayer duty" that morning.  At the time, she asked if she could place her hands on my stomach as she prayed for me and our baby, which I thought was a very sweet gesture.  So I guess that she has a vested interest in my pregnancy--but I still wouldn't feel comfortable rubbing her belly.

I admit that it made me just a little bit uncomfortable.  If it weren't for our previous bonding moment in the Prayer Garden, I think that I would have been really uncomfortable.  At least it wasn't a complete stranger...and I know that she is excited for us.  We'll see if it happens in public with a complete stranger...

This weekend's blessing was the chance to rearrange the house a bit to accommodate the nursery.  But in order to do so, my husband had to consolidate his "man cave" so that we could turn that room into the guest room; and turn what was the guest room into what is now the nursery.  In doing so, my husband made a really unselfish gesture and packed up his precious drum set.  I admit that I actually teared up a bit as he started to dismantle the set, but there really is no way for us to keep it in the house.  I promised him that he can buy an electric kit sometime which is smaller and quieter...but I know that this set was special to him.


  1. I'm not sure how I'd feel about an uninvited belly rub. Hmm, probably wouldn't like it either!

    Aw, so sad about the man room. I'm sure he'll agree it's worth it. So excited to see your nursery once it's ready!

  2. LOL my first belly rub was a woman from church too! I know and adore her, but she was all up in my business rubbing like mad!! One time she even came up from behind!!!

    Your hubby sounds like he is already a great dad! We also had to turn hubby's office into an office/guest room and the guest room into the nursery. We are very blessed to have men who are willing to sacrifice without complaint.


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