Sunday, June 13, 2010

Under the Weather (And Continued Prayers for Janet)

I've come down with a little bit of a cold.  It really is very mild, and I'm so blessed that I haven't been sick in a long time.  But I felt the worst yesterday--when I of course had to work (yes on Saturday, for our one weekend Orientation).  It was only a short day, so I mustered up the energy to run by Old Navy for a little more shopping.  I think I did pretty well--nine shirts and two pants for $64.  After my last shopping trip, someone suggested that I would want/need/appreciate the full-panel pants by the end of the pregnancy.  To be honest, I didn't "love" them when I tried them on...but for $12 khakis, I couldn't pass them up.

Then it was home to my couch for movies and a nap.  I think I may have had just a bit of a fever to accompany the itchy/scratchy throat yesterday, but I feel a bit better today...though I'm now coughing.  When I first started feeling sick, my first was for the health of our baby girl.  From everything that I read, it sounds like babies are designed to be rather resilient to maternal illnesses at this point, so I just pray that God protect her from this illness in my body.

As for Janet, she continues to need our prayers.  She is on strict bedrest and is working closely with her doctors, but needs to get to her first milestone--24 weeks--before they can do much.  She is 22 weeks, 5 days today...and headed back to the hospital for some concerns that she experienced this morning.  For more on her condition, please visit her update.  She is an amazing woman of faith, and needs our prayers.

Today's blessing was simply having the chance to listen to the young girl in the row behind us in church as she sang and recited the Lord's Prayer.  This girl and her mom always sit right around us every week (we're Presbyterians...and tend to sit in the same area from week to week), but it was just very precious today to listen to her and think that I have the chance to help shape our own daughter's faith in the years to come.  It's a big responsibility--and I'm so blessed that God has entrusted me with her care.  I so look forward to watching her explore God's goodness in her life.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! Being sick while pregnant is definitely not fun.

    I'm keeping Janet in my prayers.

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon! I imagine being sick while pregnant can really stink!

    I have probably gone on to check Janet's blog 5-6 times to see if she updated. I pray and hope beyond measure that her little one hangs tight until she is big and strong enough to join us.

  3. I'm glad you had such a great moment at church. We often talk about raising our kids and what we look forward to in helping them build thier relationship with God.

  4. Hope the cold passes soon. Praying for Janet.

  5. First, thanks for the comment on my icky post about the blister beetles. GUH-ROSS!!!

    Second, I am not sure I knew you were I missed that, I'm not sure, but CONGRATULATIONS! And if I've said it already, please forgive me. My brain is on complete SHUT DOWN in the first few weeks of summer vacay!

    And Third, I didn't know you were Presbyterian! ME TOO! I married a Baptist, but when people as me, I always claim my Presbyterian roots and say I'm just an in-law to the Baptists! Ha!

  6. sorry to hear you are sick! I hope you had a good weekend getting better - we've had wacky weather here too so it's a miracle I'm not sick yet!

  7. btw - have you heard from Janet? I couldn't stop thinking about her all day!


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