Friday, June 11, 2010

Maternity Wardrobe Malfunction

I went on my first maternity clothes shopping trip a couple of weeks ago, and have begun to incorporate those items into my wardrobe.  But I've already run into a problem:  I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have already outgrown the tank-top.  Uh oh...

Like I shared yesterday, someone commented that I'm not big enough to be due in September.  My belly is definitely growing...but I think that my maternity wardrobe malfunction is related to a pre-existing condition:  a long torso.  I'm 5'9"...but I swear it's all torso (I can easily fit in the back seat of cars because my legs are so short).

In some ways, the long torso is a beautiful blessing.  For starters, I figure it gives our baby girl plenty of room to move around to her heart's content.  But it causes problems with the wardrobe--and I experienced way too many shirts that were way too short long before I was pregnant.  I don't know why I thought that being pregnant would any easier.  I guess the shirts just look so long on the hanger...but my belly is already peaking out of the bottom on this particular tanktop.  Plenty more is bound to show in the weeks to come!  So I guess it's back to the mall tomorrow (good thing my husband is out of town--but I promise to be as frugal as always).

Today's blessing was a very sweet thank-you note from my ten-year-old niece.  In it, she also told me that she's planning a surprise birthday party for her horse (and it even says "Shh!  Don't tell my mom!  She doesn't know!").  This girl is turning into such a phenomenal young woman, and I can't wait to see her (and the other niece and nephews) in July during our trip to Montana.


  1. Lol at the shirt. I have a feeling I'll have trouble with pants. I can hardly find normal pants!

  2. I ended up not fitting into a majority of the stuff I had and needed to buy some things for these last couple of months which was difficult to do. Seems so silly to buy cloths you only need for such a short time.

    And I think a surprise party for a horse is a great idea!! LOL!

  3. Hoping you find some shirts that fit better!! I'm headed to the mall today too to get some baggy shirts as I'm starting to get a belly and need to hit it just a litle bit longer!

  4. I found that the gap maternity tank tops were pretty long. Maybe try those?

    Look for consignment shops! I am wearing pants from one right now... half price!

  5. i definitely was not able to fit into anything and i'm petite 5 4". Ran into the same tanks were all short. Have fun shopping! I'm even doing some shopping while on bedrest to get comfty shorts for the summer.

  6. Did you get that Target tank top that's like the bella band? I saw those, and they kind of cling to you, so maybe it will help? But if that's the one you have... Maybe you can sew an extra band into the bottom of it?

  7. have you tried the maternity section at H&M? I bought a few tank tops on my work trip recently and they're super long (but maybe I feel that way b/c I'm only 5 feet) LOL


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