Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update From Janet: First Round of Steroids

I plan to share my own update tomorrow, but for now, I have an update from Janet (I admit that I've been compulsively checking my email all day, praying for good news):

First of all I want to thank everyone for their constant prayers...

I know a lot of you texted me regarding the updates.  So I originally sent this email below (slightly edited w/details) to Maeguerite at 7:00am but I thought best to copy and paste because it's so hard to type in the trendelenburg position.  Please read below:

I did end up transferring to Bringham's yesterday via ambulance early afternoon.  I slept late, but well for the 1st time. Probably because I was so exhausted the night before. I'm now on the high risk floor.  At around 1 am, I was transferred from the temporary room to a permanent one. Eddie is here with me and sleeping but has to leave soon. 

The only bad news is I'm bleeding significantly and we're monitoring it. It may be from all the exams because I've been poked and prodded with a short cervix several times this week. Baby's heartbeat is there so it's reassuring.

I will receive steroids today and meet with the nicu unit to educate us what are our chances statistically with baby Madison.  The steroids will only work up to 7 days maximum before it starts to lose its effectiveness.  They can only administer it twice in my entire 
pregnancy and not before a two week period.  So for example, I'm 24 wks + 5 days today.  It'll wear off 25 wks + 5 days. But I can't take the drug until 26 wks + 5 days.  If I go into contractions and things subside, they can issue steroids again except it may not be as effective as the first administered drug.  And it will be my last time.  Studies have shown that more than twice, it will show neurological affects and delayed, slowed mental developments.  Also babies who have this tend to have smaller heads. Or forehead. I didn't catch exactly which part of head but I understood it's not good for the baby.  Administering the steroids for two uses did not show adverse affects. And the drug tends to be successful with girls i/o boys.

So now I'm addition to the previous 
prayer requests:

1.) That the bleeding would stop and is only minor result from being sensitive from tests. No additional damage has been done to cervix and would quickly heal!
Steroids will help Madison's lungs and brain grow. First milestone, making it to Monday. Second milestone, doctors all want 28 weeks at least. I so desire full-term =) 34-36 weeks.
3.) We're continually praying for full term (another 6-8 weeks) so I can return to Newton Wellesley hospital and deliver a healthy baby.
4.) I know this request is weird but the parking situation for my hubby. It's $30 a day here and meter parking is far away (more than 3 blocks). But it's important that my hubby can be there with me and parking costs are costly.
5.) Praying for no infections and no placental issues (ie placental abruption...if placenta detaches then baby will have no food and life supply).
6.) *Cerclage stitch (the only thing holding Madison in) to stay strong and no tear through permanent damage or there's a chance I will never be able to have children again.
So I wanted to share with you guys that despite all that I've been through. Despite 2 weeks+ of strict bedrest (no shower, commode use, laying down eating / trendelenburg position, etc.), three episodes of mild to strong contractions, more funneling of cervix (seeing Madison's feet dangling in and out of my cervix is nerve-wracking) She wants to come out!  A new danger everyday...possible infections and need to terminate, or heavy massive bleeding today and having doctors say "You might deliver today"?! I reply to the doctor "but she won't be able to survive without the steroids".  They nodded their heads and understood.  Sigh... I was praying to God again, "Not now".  I've made it this far and took it a day at a time.  Thankfully I received steroids at 9 am today.  And my second shot is due tomorrow.  It won't start working until Monday.  She will then jump start the lungs to breath.  I'm so close to her viability!  Still I have great faith during this time of suffering.  And I've been very calm and at peace.

I thank God for each and every one of you and for the amazing support of emails, phone calls, texts, blog friends, prayers and for all the cheerleaders rooting for Madison.  I'm also SO excited for both my sister in laws.  My hubby's sister is due in 2 weeks and my brother's wife is due in August! =)  Please keep them in prayer too.  

Each day seemed the impossible.   Each day is a prayer answered!!! =)  Thanks for listening....

PS- I don't want anyone to feel left out.  I do receive your long emails and even your prayer requests which I lift up everyday, every hour.  It's just real hard to get back to everyone.  But each one touches my heart deeply. So, I just want to say thank you.  


After checking my email all day long for an update, it's a blessing to know that Janet and Madison made it through another night (with good rest!) and reached the first milestone.  There are still so many more milestones to go...but it's good to know that she's been very calm and at peace.  Her faith inspires me.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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  1. Still praying - her story continues to inspire me - not what she has to go through, but that she is going through it with such a strong will - looking forward to the next positive update!


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