Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prayers for Janet: Her Water Broke

We're about to hit the road, but I wanted to share this update from Janet:

"Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you again for your prayers during this most difficult time.  As you have all heard, it has been confirmed that my water has been broken.  I have tried to remain calm and very positive when all this happened so quickly.

At 6:45 pm yesterday my water broke.  I felt a warm gush of liquid and sensed something wasn't right. The nurse immediately tested my fluids and it turned out positive for amniotic fluid coming from the baby's sac.  We did a quick speculum exam and was very scared they would have to cut the stitch which meant I would have to deliver right away. I'm only 25 weeks! Even though the stitch was slightly pulling they decided it was best to leave it in. For those who don't understand, a stitch can be very dangerous and can damage my cervix especially if it's pulling hard. If I dilate any more or contract this will be very dangerous for me and they will force to cut the stitch and deliver. Right now my cervix is very soft.   So think of it as butter and putting a string through it.

The other danger is possibility of infection for the baby and I, which is why I will be put on antibiotics for 7 days.  If either one of us show infection, then we will have to deliver right away.  If the doctors don't administer the antibiotics, the body would have naturally gave birth within 48 hours. Studies have shown antibiotics to slow the birthing process somehow. The doctors are hoping I can buy more time, at least 7 more days (even with my water broken).  After 7 days they will take me off antibiotics.

Everyday they will monitor me with a fetal monitor and do a fetal stress test to make sure the baby is doing ok. Even though I am leaking large amounts of amniotic fluid, the baby produces urine and is producing liquid everyday.  The main concern is if there's infection or contractions. I'm praying for none of these.

Right now I'm in Labor and Delivery, and though I was contracting here and there, after they administered the IV fluids in me, it died down shortly. Thank God! I was praying I wouldn't deliver yesterday.  Another prayer answered and now I'm 25 weeks and 2 days. 5 more days to reach 26 weeks! Each day counts that baby Madison is in my womb.

So it is definite that I will not be going anywhere until I deliver this baby at this hospital. Though it was the desire of my heart to hang in there for 34 weeks and transfer to Newton Wellesley... I am thankful for each new day God allows Madison to grow in my womb.

So, just to give everyone hope and the continual desire to pray... I have heard some women have made it as far as 33-34 weeks even with their waters broken earlier than I.  But of course every women's body is different. At this point, the doctor's have to watch me VERY closely because I can go into labor any day, any hour. And if I go into contractions, they told me they will not stop it. That is why I pray everyday that I will not contract or that my cervix will not dilate because the stitch will rip my cervix apart and they will be forced to cut the stitch and deliver right away.

Hopeful and positive thinking...but if in the event I make it to week 34 then they will have to deliver because studies have shown the growth in the womb reached its maximum effectiveness in developing the baby's organs...and any longer can be a greater cause for infection for the baby and I.

I have said everything I could possibly think of...I think the prayer requests are self explanatory. Its amazing how calm I am in this storm.  I still have faith that Madison will be a healthy, bouncing baby :).

It's really amazing to see that I survived another day of this. And even though Madison's sac is leaking a lot every day, I know only God allowed her to stay in my womb each day. And each morning I wake up with a sigh of relief, and thank God for allowing her to stay an extra day to grow and mature her lungs, heart, brain and all that needs time to grow in my womb.  I never thought I could love this child so much but even through this time of suffering, I consider it a blessing.

Thank you for your continuous support, prayers and faith!

Thank you,


Her calmness and peace amaze me!

It was a great blessing to receive Janet's email this morning.  I got a note from her friend last night indicating that her water had broken.  I woke up periodically throughout the night, and prayed for her each time.  From her email this morning, it's amazing to hear what the doctors can do with antibiotics and IV fluids!  Her email gave me so much hope--especially as we're about to leave for vacation.  And now we hit the road!

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