Monday, June 28, 2010

I Passed The Test

...the glucose screening test, that is.

I went in for my glucose screening last Monday...and then never heard back from them about the results.  (By the way--I didn't think that the drink was all that bad--it kind of reminded me of the fruit punch that they often served at church picnics and such).  So I called this morning and left a message for the lab nurse to call me back.  Of course, I was in the restroom when she called back so I didn't get to ask her about any details--but her message said that everything came back normal.

Praise God!  I've really tried to be so careful with the amount of sugars and gluten in my diet ever since being diagnosed with PCOS (and my OB still isn't 100% convinced that I actually have PCOS since I'm so asymptomatic...but the RE's tests in February 2009 indicated something related to inverse hormone levels...which are related to elevated insulin I've been on Metformin ever since).  Yes, I'm fully aware that the Metformin "helps" to regulate my insulin and glucose levels (and thus my hormone levels), but I'd like to think that my choices in what I put in my mouth (and therefore into our baby girl) helped me to pass the test as well.  I do admit that my first thought was "well now I can eat a piece of the cheesecake that I brought into the office today!"...but I restrained myself (though I did have a bite of the mini-cheesecake I made for my husband last night). 

If I remember correctly, this is my last round of bloodwork.  Since I had to reschedule our next appointment due to our vacation plans, I still have a little over two weeks until I get to see our baby girl again.  But I'm nearing the end of my second trimester...and even though I never put a pregnancy ticker on my blog, I know that we're in the double-digits for days remaining.  I'm feeling pretty good, and yet I'm still acutely aware that anything is possible.  I just take it one day at a time, and pray that God continue to sustain me and this pregnancy as He has thus far.

Today's blessing was being able to convince my husband to take one more day of vacation.  He's as committed to his work as I often am, but I know how much he loves his family and yearns to spend quality time with them.  We're leaving soon for his little tiny town's "Centennial Reunion" over the Fourth of July weekend, and since his mom and sister are super-involved with the plans, I know it will be a busy time.  But then he and his sisters arranged for the whole family to rent a cabin a few hours away for next Monday and Tuesday nights.  My husband was initially intent on leaving on Tuesday so that he could return to work on Thursday (did I mention we're driving?), but I knew that he would regret leaving the cabin early.  So he called from work today to let me know that he was able to work it all out so that we can stay that extra night.  I appreciate and understand his commitment to work, but I know that it will be a wonderful blessing to spend the extra time with his family.


  1. Yay on passing your test! I hope you have a great relaxing vacation. Thank you for stopping by my blog to let me know you'll be thinking of me!! You're the best! Hopefully by the time you get back I'll have a new addition to share!

  2. Great news on the test. One more thing down!

    Glad you will get some quality time with the hubby this weekend!

  3. So glad you passed your test! Have fun on your vacation!!


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